PFB Game Thread: OSU vs. Missouri State

Howdy, folks. OSU’s season-opener is upon us. Kick is at 6 p.m. central. This thread is here to serve as a forum for game-only discussions. As always, you can follow along with our staff in our PFB+ game thread for premium subscribers here.

There’s people discussing Sanders not playing, possible COVID protocols? Any truth to that?

We have information on that situation over on the PFB+ board

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Just saw that. My bad

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No prob! Go Pokes!

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The perks of PFB+

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I thought this offensive line was supposed to be better? 7 carries for 6 yards rushing against Missouri State?

I do think they came in to stop the run. But no sacks with over 200 yards of passing. The running yards will pick up.

Well this embarrassment of riches at RB has been less than impressive.


Sorry Robert, but the fact that we have 43 yards rushing on 21 carries at almost the end of three quarters tells me the rushing game isn’t going to get going.

All I heard were comparisons of this team to.the 2010 teams. Based on what I’ve seen so far this team seems to resemble the 2014 team.

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This game is massively underwhelming. If this isn’t fixed we could easily lose to Tulsa or Boise State.

Definitely not tulsa, based on their first game

Missouri State is hanging around with us. It’s possible.

I can’t watch the game, what’s going on??? Can we not block or what’s the deal???

Offensive line is trash AGAIN, Shane isn’t looking that great, play calling is trash yet again.

Tulsa lost to UC Davis. I’m not saying we’re good, but I’m not sure tulsa will win 3 games this year.

Announcers keep talking about how we would be better with sanders, but I don’t think Illingworth has missed one block tonight.

I don’t know about you guys, but this team is looking a lot like the 2014 team. I just don’t understand why we continue to hold onto a coach that gets outcoached by almost every coach he goes against.

This is why I never believe any of the hype. It’s because of games like this. So far it’s 26 rushes for 54 yards. That is absolutely pathetic!!! Its midway through the 4th quarter!!! If we are serious about winning we would go get Willy Fritz from Tulane.

Someone tell me why on earth Willy Fritz and the Tulane Green Wave can go to Norman, OK and come within half a yard of potentially pulling off the biggest upset of the year in college football, but yet we have Mediocre Mike here struggling to figure out how to move the freaking ball against Missouri State??? Its f***ing Missouri State!!!

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Y’all are gonna have to let Joe and AR have this one. This is completely unfuckingacceptable.

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