PFB Game Thread: OSU vs. Missouri State

Missouri State is hanging around with us. It’s possible.

I can’t watch the game, what’s going on??? Can we not block or what’s the deal???

Offensive line is trash AGAIN, Shane isn’t looking that great, play calling is trash yet again.

Tulsa lost to UC Davis. I’m not saying we’re good, but I’m not sure tulsa will win 3 games this year.

Announcers keep talking about how we would be better with sanders, but I don’t think Illingworth has missed one block tonight.

I don’t know about you guys, but this team is looking a lot like the 2014 team. I just don’t understand why we continue to hold onto a coach that gets outcoached by almost every coach he goes against.

This is why I never believe any of the hype. It’s because of games like this. So far it’s 26 rushes for 54 yards. That is absolutely pathetic!!! Its midway through the 4th quarter!!! If we are serious about winning we would go get Willy Fritz from Tulane.

Someone tell me why on earth Willy Fritz and the Tulane Green Wave can go to Norman, OK and come within half a yard of potentially pulling off the biggest upset of the year in college football, but yet we have Mediocre Mike here struggling to figure out how to move the freaking ball against Missouri State??? Its f***ing Missouri State!!!

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Y’all are gonna have to let Joe and AR have this one. This is completely unfuckingacceptable.

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But with that analogy, should OU get rid of Lincoln Riley?

If so, should we get Lincoln Riley? After all, he can barely beat a mentally beat up Tulane team.

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All I ever got told was how Mike Gundy is the saviour of OSU football. I even pointed out that he has sent the program in a decline. Here we are in a dogfight with Missouri State. Missouri State!!! Not Mizzou of the SEC!!! Missouri State the 1AA school of the Missouri Valley conference!!!

Now we muff the punt. Awesome.

Lincoln Riley played a good G5 team. He didn’t have his team on the ropes against a 1AA TEAM. The difference is he still won the game. He didn’t lose to a G5 team like Gundy did in 2016 to Central Michigan.

God we suck


But don’t you like the way Dunn has spread it out and opened it up.

I wonder what the fans were chanting at the end.

They were chanting AAC because after this game that’s where we probably belong.

It’s fine to spread it out, but it doesn’t mean you should accept that 59 yards rushing is good enough against Missouri State.

You all called me stupid for suggesting we get rid of Gundy. How do you feel now??? Better get Willie Fritz on the phone if you’re serious about contending.

That looked like a pretty simple case of our coaches coasting at halftime, and their coaches making adjustments.

Then…we never made any other adjustments ever…

That was one of the worst performances in the Gundy tenure. I just realized how off my expectations for this year have been. This offensive line is somehow worse at run blocking than last year. Christian Holmes is also somehow worse in coverage than last year and now is missing tackles.

We caught so many lucky breaks, too. Without their muffed punt, that game is tied.


I keep getting called dumb for pointing out how bad Gundy is getting when it comes to coaching, but this game has further proved my point. I don’t expect to see Robert or Yo1 on here anytime soon to defend this performance. I keep saying Gundy will take us back to the latter Pat Jones years and nobody will believe me.

I just hope we get a video clip of Gundy doing his victory dance.

I think I heard somewhere that this is the best defense Gundy has ever had.

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