PFB Game Thread: OSU vs. Missouri State

God we suck


But don’t you like the way Dunn has spread it out and opened it up.

I wonder what the fans were chanting at the end.

They were chanting AAC because after this game that’s where we probably belong.

It’s fine to spread it out, but it doesn’t mean you should accept that 59 yards rushing is good enough against Missouri State.

You all called me stupid for suggesting we get rid of Gundy. How do you feel now??? Better get Willie Fritz on the phone if you’re serious about contending.

That looked like a pretty simple case of our coaches coasting at halftime, and their coaches making adjustments.

Then…we never made any other adjustments ever…

That was one of the worst performances in the Gundy tenure. I just realized how off my expectations for this year have been. This offensive line is somehow worse at run blocking than last year. Christian Holmes is also somehow worse in coverage than last year and now is missing tackles.

We caught so many lucky breaks, too. Without their muffed punt, that game is tied.


I keep getting called dumb for pointing out how bad Gundy is getting when it comes to coaching, but this game has further proved my point. I don’t expect to see Robert or Yo1 on here anytime soon to defend this performance. I keep saying Gundy will take us back to the latter Pat Jones years and nobody will believe me.

I just hope we get a video clip of Gundy doing his victory dance.

I think I heard somewhere that this is the best defense Gundy has ever had.

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2016? You’re going back 5 years tontrice and prove a point now. If we drop an egg against tulsa I’ll get behind your argument a little bit more, but for now, pump the brakes. There are a lot of top coaches and college programs that were favored by 20+ that squeaked out a win.

I’m worried about Boise St, after being at the games against UCF. Their offensive pace will be the fastest we face all year.

Screw Boise State!! I’m worried about Tulsa!!! They have better athletes than Missouri State. Gundy got his a55 outcoached by Petrino. Just like he gets his a55 outcoached by Gary Patterson.

A decline from what? The program he built? We’ve only ever been good when he’s been the QB or the HC. Unless you go back to World War 2.

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I guess it’s what you consider good. Do you think 7th, 4th, and 4th is considered good?

A decline from what? Answer the question. What are we declining from? Les Miles’s 6-6 teams? The 90s where we were atrocious? Pat Jones whom you also hate?

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Les Miles went 9-3 and played in the Cotton Bowl. Only took him 4 years to beat OU twice.

Ok, Gundy’s had 9+ win seasons on multiple occasions. He went 11-1 and won a BCS bowl. That’s the high point of OSU football, so if it’s declining, it’s declining from his own high water mark.

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He went 8 and 4 in his 3rd year then drop back his 4th.
It took gundy 7 years to drop off. Then went back up.

So in 2015, 2016, and 2017, he goes 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd. Then in 2018, 2019, 2020 he goes 7th, 4th, and 4th. Are you going to say that’s an improvement?

No one here is arguing that Gundy didn’t bring the program to it’s peak. He did. But he isn’t coaching like he used to. The enthusiasm and desire to win isn’t there like it used to be. Look at every shot of him from tonight’s game. He couldn’t give a sh1t by the look on his face.

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He passed twice to try to end the game instead of conservatively running and making Missouri State use timeouts. They were effectively blitzing all night. There was definitely aggression shown in the playcalling. So you’re basing this solely on the fact that he wasn’t jumping up and down and screaming? Or did you want him to cry?

It’s week one. Weird stuff can happen. OU squeaked past Tulane. Let’s see what happens when Sanders gets back. Let the coaches make corrections. Then we can hit the panic button if we’re not playing better by conference play.

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