PFB+ Nuggets on Four-Star LB Collin Oliver Ahead of Friday Decision

Just got off the phone with Collin Oliver to preview his decision for Friday. Wanted to get some nuggets for the PFB+ers, so hey, let’s get straight to the good news shall we?

First things first, though: this DOES NOT leave The Chamber. We don’t want to spoil a kid’s news.

OK right to it.

• He will be committing to Oklahoma State on Friday. Plans to commit at 2:00 – and his Twitter and Instagram pages will be where he announces.

• He said he’s informed “about three” of the coaching staffs of his decision, but he’s saving it as a genuine surprise for Oklahoma State’s staff because he wants them to get the good news as everyone else does. “I want to surprise Coach Gundy and the rest of the staff,” he said.

• “I think they’ll be really excited,” he added. “Not to toot my own horn, but I’m one of their highest-rated players so it’ll mean a lot to them.”

• On why he liked OSU: “I love the fit. They have a great academic program. In case football doesn’t work out for me, I want to get a great education. I’ve already talked with the academic staff a few times through Zoom, and they’re really cool people. But I also like the position they’re going to put me in on the field. They’re going to put me in that hybrid linebacker/defensive end position – the one Trace Ford is playing. It’s a perfect position for me and where I see myself in the future. Then you add the great coaching staff, the fanbase, it’s just all there. Being just an hour away it makes it all so easy and it’s all right there.”

• On how he views OSU as an Oklahoma native: “Calvin definitely motivates me more than anything, just because of his work ethic. How powerful he plays the game even dating back to his days at Santa Fe. He’s a really good guy to look up to.”


Great news!

Fantastic! The fact that he’s going to surprise Gundy and the staff is…I kinda love it. It shows a fun personality.

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Would like to reiterate that this is the kind of stuff we want to keep in here. It provides value to people who pay for it and is stuff we wouldn’t report publicly.


Thanks for the news!

Great news! It feels pretty wild that us schmoes here in the chamber know before Gundy and staff do.


Are we sure that Gundy isn’t a subscriber? :rofl:


Great news!

Yay won’t be last in the conference anymore!! All kidding aside this is awesome news!!


Hey @IvyLeagueGlenn read this one

We’ll all be sleeping well tonight knowing what we know, while Gundy might be tossing and turning a little bit!

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I kinda feel like they probably know, or at least have a good feel about it, but it is funny to think that’s a possibility. Lol!

What stuff?




Did he mention anything about OU? Would prefer to avoid a Brynden Walker situation. I’ve heard they were close to offering him at some point.


I have heard from several people with the family that if OU offered/offers he is going there. He really want to be with Grinch apparently, he likes the way the defense is trending.

He didn’t say anything about OU and I didn’t ask. He did seem genuinely excited about OSU, for what it’s worth. Sounded like he had done his homework about what he wanted to study and how he would fit into the system, into Stillwater, etc.

All that said, wouldn’t surprise me all that much if he flipped later on. And man that would suck. They already have Ethan Downs.


Clayton Smith is close to committing too.

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Yeah and they’re in on Marcus Burris too. Not sure how many OLB/DE types they’d take but he may be further down the radar as a backup plan if one of their bigger guys falls through.