PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Senior Day Game against BYU

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The Cowboys end their regular season against BYU.

I would be nice if OSU could blow this team out so we can rest the starters ahead of the (possible) Big 12 title game.
However, I don’t see that or covering the (way too high) spread Saturday.
OSU 33
BYU 23


So BYU has been tough at home with the exception of ISU and hasn’t won a road game at all this year. Their last 3 road losses have been by 30 pts or so. I’m guessing that’s why Vegas is giving them 16.5 pts. I’m like you, not sure if we cover that.

oSu - 31
BYU -20


Slight correction: BYU has one road win. They beat Arkansas 38-31 back in September. However, the main point that BYU is terrible on the road is still true.

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Eh…we’ve been kind of sloppy the last couple of weeks, and BYU is an incredibly weird team to figure out. I’ll go with 27-16.

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Looks like rain moving in 2nd quarter or so. I think that will hamper both offenses. I’ll say 30-20.


I forgot about them beating Ark.
At the time I remember thinking that was a good win. Now not so much. Ark not good


Rain favors a running game team. We did not do well in the rain against UCF.

But we have paddle people!

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Backup QBs play like Heisman candidates vs osu

Having had 4 children attend some form of BYU (Provo or BYU Idaho) I have been asked if I have any mixed feelings about this game. NOPE. OSU 42-20. We have had problems with backup QBs but those are generally the ones who have never played before and the announcers don’t have them on their info sheets.


I have no Daily Bullets today. I have no “We’ll cross BYU’s goal” today. I have a missing box on the PFB front page.

Not sure the boys at Pistols Firing have brought their “A” game today and I don’t like how that bodes for all things in Stillwater!

Ugh… We win, but no way to predict which Bowman shows up, which secondary shows up, or when Ollie picks up steam.

Amen to that. Jekyll and Hyde.

!@#$%^& Houston was a 4-6 opponent that we were losing to at halftime.

I’m a bit disgusted with myself to be stoked that we beat Houston last week.