PFB Roundtable: Can OSU's Offense Bounce Back against Boise State

If osu wins then osu is bad if osu looses then osu is bad and if Boise looses then Boise is bad. There you go chris5 thought I would clear that up for you

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I mean….this is Boise State we’re talking about here. A respectable G5 team, but people act as if we’re getting ready to play Iowa or someone like that. The teams aren’t even the same.

O yea and if osu losses by 30 then Robert0 will want the school to extend his coaches contract through 2035.


Tell me about it. That just shows you where this program is nowadays

“We’ll sometimes you have to look at the glass half full instead of half empty, if we do go 2-10 at least we won’t be going 0-12!!”

Mike (My Offense Sucks Chit) Gundy

I know u 2 yahoos know nothing about football. Ur as funny as a rock. So I’m sad to say ur just morons.

Your just an ou troll. You obviously don’t want to see osu football get better. Just stop.

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If you can’t tell us what gundy does good that pertains to on the field success then you just need to go back to your ou thread son.

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Says the guy that thinks only plays defended is strictly what has to do with how many tackles a guy gets.

I think he’s terrified they could be worse. Which is why what Gundy has accomplished is more than sufficient for him. Those of us who enjoy success want and expect more.

I would answer this if it was coherent.
I would like the defense to stop tackling and start getting turnovers.

The suck Brothers dnt need any help being stupid.

It’s funny u being part of the 3 stooges u have partnered up with the biggest ou troll on this site. Joey

So hard to read and article when the first sentence claims Boise is 2-0. Come on man. Just google their schedule before you start writing. Very hard to take an article serious when you don’t even know their record.

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Causing punts still means you give the ball back to the offense.

Every body needs to watch sec shorts on utube.
I think Joey writes for them

I want turnovers not punts.

I want touchdowns not fields goals or punts.

I’ve watched several. They are hilarious! Extremely well done. Very accurate too. Have you seen the newest? Texas tries to leave the SEC after their big L to Arkansas! :joy:

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Yes omg girlfriend