PFB Roundtable: Projecting Bedlam Superlatives

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Our keys to an OSU win in Bedlam.

OSU will win this game if…

The OSU defense scores about four touchdowns. There is nothing from this offense since the beginning of the year that tells me they are consistent enough to put any points on the board.

I mean, look at last week. For god sakes it took the defense to score just to pretty much seal the deal. OU is going to put up more than 20 points in this game.

Even with Chuba and Tylan healthy the only game all year long we’ve seen them be consistent in getting the ball down field (with field goals in the red zone instead of touchdowns) is the Texas game.

Even then it was turnover city with a defense having to defend 15 drives (three of them in their own red zone) to try and prevent Texas from scoring.

I have confidence in this defense to slow OU down and cause a few punts. I just don’t have any confidence in the offense scoring touchdowns in the red zone, or at least turning the ball over 2-3 times in this game. Offense has looked inconsistent all year long regardless of who has been out on the field.

Or it could be OSU wins if…

Lincoln Riley gets COVID along with half the OU offense.

They mention that the OU fans are worried because of Rattler, how worried was the OSU fans before the Kansas game because of Illingworth?

Like u two ou trolls all ou fans are worried. Rattler is ur best. He has been hurt twice and can turn it over with the best. If I was ar1 or joe ( which I think are the same ou troll) be scared rattler plays. Against 3 top teams he has lost 2 and took 3 ot to win. Shane’s # were better against ku. Hillbilly joe and ar r calling him a heisman winning.

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Joe why do u rite so much no one reads it we know its blah blah.

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It’s really funny joe and ar1 start out together. When one rites something, some likes it. But, during talks only one rites back. Joe and ar1 are the same ou troll.

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I have a question. Where is Kyle Porter? Is this still his website?


Bye weeks, as well as almost all other topics in the free world, come 2nd to the heavenly gloriousness that is Augusta.

Don’t take it from me, just ask @kyleporterCBS himself.

In 2009 OU won 27-0 with a RS freshman QB

In 2013 OU won with a 3rd string QB

In 2009 and 2013 Gundy was still coaching OSU

I hate OU as much as the next person (I truly do and wish they would lose every game). I’m not dumbfounded or blindfolded to the facts though that Gundy keeps proving he can’t beat them, and OU has found ways to win this game being the less talented and I favored team. That’s why (as much as I hate it) you can pretty much guarantee nearly every year that OU will win this game.

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We don’t want riley to miss the game, that’s r best chance to win. Riley is a low grade coordinator. The 9th team in the big 12 should have beat him in 2018. He lost 3 4th at. Leads this yr. How many 4 star does it take to get riley a win.

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Yea we need a good golf report

Except they didn’t.

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I’m afraid your answer went over my head. I know Kyle P has a CBS gig, but I haven’t seen even so much as a comment on this site in many weeks, let alone an article. So that’s why I was wondering. Did he turn it over to K.B full time, or just taking a hiatus?

OSU wins if…Gundy stays in Stillwater next Saturday

OU wins if…he doesn’t.

It’s that simple.

The common denominator for the last 13 losses has been the head coach. He’s lost with better offenses, he’s lost with better defenses, he’s lost at home, he’s lost in Norman, he’s lost as the underdog, he’s lost as the favorite, he’s lost with nothing on the line but pride, he’s lost with a championship on the line. He’s lost this game by 3, he’s lost it by 30+. He’s lost in perfect weather, he’s lost in crappy weather. He’s had how many different OCs and DCs?! He’s lost every way imaginable. To all you Gundy apologists, at what point will you be ready to DEMAND that Oklahoma State football start WINNING conference titles and BEATING OU?! I’m sick of hearing about how much worse we had it in the 90s under Pat Jones. I’m sick of the fan base worrying the program will fall into mediocrity when Gundy retires. Im sick of getting our asses kicked by the Sooners. Then hearing about it from the other 90 percent of the people in this state who cheer for the Goons. I’ve listened to it for 30+ years. And I’m tired of it.
The people on here calling Gundy out aren’t ou trolls. They simply are realistic about who Gundy is as a coach concerning Bedlam. And they want and expect more.

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I know I’ve done this before, but u guys still make it fit. I want I want. Never seen so many grown( I assume ur at least a manchild) man cry. This is pfb not lonely heart club. Travis how u keeping Gundy out Stillwater u putting a hit out( be careful how u answer that). I know its getting close to Christmas but this is not a hot line to Santa.

Joe ur so quick to get as many ou facts in u don’t know what I say. But this is not history 101 (or ou troll 101). Go back to norman

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I know, right!!! I mean…someone is going to sit here and tell me Baylor (who used to be like Kansas in the Big 12) was able to build their program and beat OU more times or compete better against them can do this.

Then when it comes to OSU football we can’t seem to find a formula for at least beating them 35-40 percent of the time? Even Gus Mahlzan has beaten Bama three different times and he’s only in his 8th season at Auburn.

I’m tired of the excuses as well. There is absolutely no reason Gundy should be 2-13 against them. If anything he should be 5-9 against them. Then again when you got Pat Jones who molded Gundy (Even though he couldn’t beat OU with a couple of the best running backs of all time) I don’t know why so many people think Gundy is going to all of a sudden shift the tide.

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If history has taught us anything it’s that Gundy has about a 15.3 percent chance of winning bedlam next week.

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Joe baylor and Auburn fans are better then u. They paid god off. U know it has nothing to do with coaches. Ok ur really good of comparing how Michigan doing with Ohio state