PFB Roundtable: Reacting to OSU at Fourth in the Big 12 Preseason Poll

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Also, who was snubbed with the preseason All-Big 12 team?

It took Sanders 5 trunovers for Texas beat us last year.
They lost top linemen top impact defensive player. And the qb that carries that team.
U never know he may know how and where to play 4 star players.

“Which team in the bottom half of the poll is most likely to end up in the top half?“

I agree with the K State observation. They have a coach that (for the most part) coaches to his player’s strengths and has Lincoln Riley’s number so far.

I wonder how many games ksu may lose in the forth quarter. They lost alot of players in the portal. I’m talking how deep they will be.

They have a coach that doesn’t seem to have a problem beating OU and coaches to his player’s strengths. I don’t understand what your point is?

Well Joey it was a serious look at there team.
I know u think only 22 players play every down, but.

If I were you I would take a serious look at our team and ask why our coach seems to be underperforming on predicted conference finishes most seasons.

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Like u have. I bet u did some soul searching.

So r u predict a ksu win over ou

All I’m saying is I see them being better than where they are predicted and they will probably have more wins in the future against OU than we will if we continue to keep our current coach.

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4th seems likely and 3rd is a possibility. That is how I take this article. Sounds right to me.
10-3 would be a good season considering the competition. I never have thought in terms of OSU winning the Big 12 so what I look for is how many games can they win each season. When the Big 12 was on the verge of breaking up some years back I was hoping that OSU would leave and join a conference that did not include OU so that OSU could become a contender somewhere. We have a real question mark at QB.

Thats all u ever say. I was giving an opinion why they r picked there.
It is a prediction yes they may not have any injuries and roll all over ou.
This is the thing with prediction, thing happen that changes everything.
Like Skylar getting hurt us losing 3 lineman before the season started.

Well us parting ways with ou is unlike. I think the state wants them to stay together.
Yes the qb is my only question

I agree. Kind of like how we were predicted to win the conference in 2013 and found a way to finish 3rd with no significant injuries that season.

So u find one prediction and ur going to stand by it.
I would believe in u more if u were as flexible with gundy as u were with any Tom bick or Harry.

This is why I and most people( even gundy haters) dnt take u seriously.
For one thing u like ksu coach for beating ou last year. If not for the virus ksu would have played ou later, when the 6 members of the drug squad would have played. And Skylar may have been hurt.
Begs to ask why they lost all the starts with the new qb.
Even gundy could get his back to win 3 games.
Then u got ask about ur hero riley. Why with all those recuirts he can’t beat a team that has a losing record. One of ur grips is gundy always loses to some one he shouldn’t. Riley is good at it.
Thats the flexibility u are flexible with other coach but not with gundy.
Dnt post back crying. These are just a few facts at how u do ur crap. U think since u want high recurits they should come. And ever body should roll over and lose to us because u are a grad.

Athlon Sports

  1. OU
  2. ISU
  3. TCU
  4. Texas
  5. OSU
  6. WVU
  7. KSU
  8. Baylor
  9. TTU
  10. Kansas

247 sports swooped TCU and Texas.

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Ur really good at copying other people’s work. Are u a secretary oh I mean personal assistant.
It’s sad that’s the best u bring to the table.

2020 picked 2nd finished 4th
2019 picked 5th finished 4th
2018 picked 5th finished 7th or 9th
2017 picked 2nd finished 3rd

Can you say "overrated "?
"They usually have the talent, they just underperform "

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And ur point is. It’s not like this a revelation. And it’s not something new coming from u

U act like it was just complete failure.
In 2020 if Sanders just didn’t make a couple of bad play. Plus when the picks where made they had no idea we wre go to start the season with less linemen. And if u want use anybody pick the it shows how petty u r.
2018 even with the bad defense. Matt made alot of kicks but missed some that killed. Matt was like 99% on extra points but 1 cost. That whole 2018 season could have end completely different.
U treat preseason pics as gospel. I’m sure there has been 1 preseason that has gone rite. But very few do.
Speaking of 2020 everybody has talked about how good gundy did. With all the stuff that happen that year, he did do his best coach every. Last year could have been a train wreck. I know u will come back with some bs about oh oh yea but oh .