PFB Staff Ranks the Top 5 Quarterbacks in Oklahoma State History

Originally published at: PFB Staff Ranks the Top 5 Quarterbacks in Oklahoma State History – Pistols Firing

Did we get it right?

Don’t forget to throw Aso Pogi and B.J. Tiger in that group.

The top 3 is correct
I would put Josh Fields in the top 5.

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You guys are nailing these lists. I would probably have gone Gundy at 4 and Sanders at 5, but it’s a solid ranking.

I love Sanders as the 4th ranked QB in the history of the program…….yet some clowns still say him transferring “is no big deal”:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Personally, Chris Chaloupka was my favorite


You completely left Rusty Hilger off the list! Hilger deserves to be mentioned. He put up decent stats in a time where OSU (or anyone) didn’t throw the ball much. More importantly, he led the team to 2 bowl wins, the first 10-win season in history, and the highest ranking ever at that time. While certainly not the kind of athlete Spencer Sanders is, I would argue Hilger’s career is much more impressive and important to Cowboy football history. I’d rank him 5th behind Weeden, Rudolph, Robinson, and Gundy and just ahead of Fields.


He’s probably going to be 3rd string at Ole Miss. Make of that what you will.


Who would you rather have QB’ing your Cowboys this season………Sanders/Rangel/Bowman?

It’s criminal to leave Josh Fields off the list , guy had a chance to play in the league is he decided too … Yea you should get 10 years for leaving him off :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ll answer that for you tomato, give me Sanders if he is healed and has his head on straight……
I think his shoulder is worse than we know

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  1. Brandon Weeden
  2. Mason Randolph
  3. Rusty Hilger
  4. Josh Fields
  5. Zac Robinson
  6. Mike Gundy

To have Spencer Sanders in the Top 5 shows recency bias - probably because the writers are too young to know OSU football history.


Would definitely put Fields in top 5, probably behind Gundy.

Sanders ain’t a top 5 guy. That’s not mean-spirited; it just is what it is.


I would definitely have Gundy over Sanders. His stats happened without these spread hurry up offenses. I would have no problem if someone argued Zac above Sanders either. Spencer was a good QB, but I would not want him leading my team over Zac or JW.

Side note, you need to finish your career at OSU to make my list (same goes for Tyreek too)


I think there’s a better question that needs to be asked. Why is OSU in a position of getting a third string QB from Michigan and its former starter is going to be third string at Ole Miss? You have a HC that’s a former QB, and a QB coach that spent time in the NFL. OSU should be a school where we get no less than a second string QB from a BB. What are Gundy and Rattay doing for that position?

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I say give me an offensive line.

Sounds like something an old person would say. :upside_down_face:

Obviously…did you have to Google Rusty Hilger?

Perhaps the article should have read “Best OSU QBs millennials can remember.”


That would be Gen Z sir.

Marshall: Landry Jones holds most of those records at OU that Mason holds in Stilly and no one thinks he is the best Sooner Qb. One more stat for ya. Weeden was fist team All B12. Mason never was….