PFB+ Wrestling (Part 1)

I thought I’d start a wrestling thread for PFB+.

There are certain insights I can share here that I can’t directly write stories about, tweet about, etc…

A few things.

  1. If I share specific recruiting info please keep your discussion of it on here. It could impact an athletes decision in a negative way it it’s released outside of this private forum.

  2. Never discuss a recruits commitment outside of this forum. You all are paying for the PFB+ service, so I want to give you some bang for your $. I know about some commitments ahead of the public announcements and may share it here. Make sure it stays on here. Never ruin a kids once in a lifetime opportunity to announce their college commitment

  3. All of this could impact whether or not OSU lands these kids.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


Excited to check in on this forum! What are your thoughts on Dake vs. Ringer this weekend?

Which of the heavy hitters do you think becomes a Cowboy: Ferrari or Amos? Or, alternatively, neither?

Naturally I’m a little biased, but I think Dieringer takes it.

I really was not a fan of the games Dake was playing with the scheduling, but I legitimately think he’s hurt. The margins were thin enough in this one as it was, but if he’s hobbled at all still I give Dieringer the edge.

Should be a great series. Winner wins the World title either way.

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I get a very good vibe with Amos. I know from talking to their parents that Surber, Plott, Mastro, and Doucet are doing all they can to help recruit him and I think it’s working.
One Flo staff member did tell me that he’s thinking Wisconsin. Another told me they’re thinking OSU. An insider at OSU told me they felt they had a very good shot before the visit and from all indications that went well.

That same inside source seemed to think Ferrari was a very strong possibility as well. It’s been a while since I spoke with them on the topic, but they were very confident with Ferrari at the time and moments later said they liked their chances with Amos.

I have no idea how they could make it work, but I definitely got a vibe they were going to shoot their shot with both, so I wouldn’t rule that out.

I do think at least one happens and would say Amos is maybe the most likely just because things have been sort of quiet on Ferrari since they moved to Texas

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This is very cool @seth. Great work, and I know people will love it.

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Gut feeling on starting lineup by seasons end (assuming no injuries)

133-Brock(I think Fix takes his Olympic redshirt and Brock cuts back down)
149-Boo(I think he’ll be healthy enough to go here. I’m supposed to interview him in a week or 2 and will try and find out more)
165-Wittlake(65/74 will be him or Joe and I don’t think Joe will be willing to make the cut down again)
174-Joe Smith
184-Anthony Montalvo
197-Dakota Geer(The original plan was to have him bulk up to here. It may have changed, but that’s what I’ll go with as a projection now)
285-Austin Harris, but maybe a transfer* More to follow on that


I’ll add this to the Amos-Ferrari discussion. This weekend the guy from Flo who told me he is predicting Amos to OSU, texted me something sorta cryptic about “rings”.

I was sort of busy at that moment and didn’t totally get what he was saying. So I replied something like “Sure” and just went about my day.

He never really said anything else, and I never followed up, so I can’t be certain, but after speaking with a few people on some other things, I get a strong vibe that we may have some news here relatively soon.

Flowrestling is actually picking Ringer to win which surprised me.

Just got some specifics on Braxton Amos’ recruiting situation. I’m trying to get a feel for what type of stuff to put in here and I think this is it.

But first, please keep in mind 3 things.

  1. Leaking this type of info outside of this portion of this website that is hid behind a paywall reduces my ability to get this type of info.
  2. Don’t ever ruin some kids opportunity to announce to their commitment.
  3. Doing either of 1 or 2 you could possibly change a kids mind on coming to OSU.

With that said, here’s what it is.

Braxton Amos has made all of his visits with the exception of Wisconsin. Currently Oklahoma State seems to be the leader in the clubhouse, and from what I’m told it’s a pretty comfortable lead. Like he’s just making the Wisconsin visit because he feels like he owes it to them. So there’s definitely nothing official, and I don’t know anything certain on a timeline for an announcement, my understanding is probably a month or so, but OSU seems to be in a really strong position at the moment.


That’s great news and very good points about keeping the information here. If we’re seeing it, we’re paying for it. Have fun with the fact that we have ‘inner circle’ information rather than spreading it!

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Without seeing AJ or Amos in person, which one would be more likely to bump up to HWT if we were fortunate enough to land both?

Amos is bigger. He probably walks around at about 220, Ferrari I’d guess at about 200. So as it stands today I’d say Amos, but Ferrari’s dad is a big dude and Ferrari is a weight room junkie, so I think he could potentially just grow and wind up at his dad’s size or if he really got in the weight room and tried to bulk up he probably could.

Ultimately I think if OSU lands both they would all go down vs. up. This is just speculation though
Ex. 174-Plott 184-Ferrari 197-Amos 285-Doucet


Boo will be good to go here. I have heard from very close to him that his shoulder feels stronger than before the injury. Still hard for me to trust it until I see it in full contact on the mat. But at least Boo is feeling very confident with it.


Ex. 174-Plott 184-Ferrari 197-Amos 285-Doucet

I just got chills.

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Just interviewed Boo. I’m not a Dr. obviously, but with what he was describing on the surgery it does make sense that it would fix what has been a bit of a nagging injury for him.

He said he expects to be at 100% when practice starts on October 1st. I’ll have the full interview in a few days.

Also Boo Lewallen has requested a medical redshirt. It has not been approved.

Yet or ‘has been denied’?