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First comment in the new wrestling thread!


My ideal assistant coaching hire for Scott is Neil Erisman. And he brings Nasir Bailey with him.


Seems appropriate we roll the thread over after the retirement presser. Literally, turn the digital page.

That would be amazing if we got Erisman and Bailey! I also wonder if they would bring Daton on staff and promote Caldwell. He seems to be doing great.


What do you think the chances are that they’ll add anyone from outside the coaching tree?

Who could that possibly be? Wouldn’t you have to be Iranian to be outside of John Smith’s tree?



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Not advocating it. Just curious.

Yeah I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed but just don’t think they will.

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I heard there has been discussion of an international person coming to coach- I am guessing that would be more for the cowboy wrestling club, but there would be some cross over. I didn’t hear any specifics, but guess it would be a Russian.

I mean if we’re talking about ideal assistants… cael come on down!

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It could only be Cael, right? We could get the chance to settle the Bill Belickick/Tom Brady problem at a local level. Is he a good coach, or does he just happen to get every guy?

I’d take Cael if we win the next 10 national championships.

Today, Mike Gundy talked about traveling the country with John Smith and also said the GOAT definitely deserves a statue:

I cannot imagine JB as an assistant at OSU. That would be dangerous (in a good way). The (I guess most realistic) guy I’d like to see get brought on staff would be Alex Dieringer. Daton Fix will also still be around training and likely be added as a volunteer assistant. I’ve been told Daton played a big role in OSU’s recent recruitment turnaround.


It hasn’t been discussed in a while but a few years ago, maybe after last olympics I know it wasn’t just a far off rumor. No clue what his plans are now, but would think it’s coaching. Promote Perry, keep Caldwell as recruiting coordinator or something and then bring in JB. Would be huge for RTC too.

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On Monday, the legend of John Smith getting up at 2 a.m. to train was brought up again. Then I learned it started a tradition Cowboys still continue today in preparation of this weekend’s Olympic Team Trials.


With Olympic Team Trials tomorrow, Daton Fix told PFB, ‘I still have my ultimate goal in front of me’ after disappointing finish to his college career.


This is so great. Love his mindset and he can absolutely earn this spot on Team USA.

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Not sure if posted but the trials will be on peacock app and USA network tomorrow and Saturday.

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Some things I wasn’t able to fit in that Daton Fix story that this group would care about.

  1. He took a week off after NCAAs. He said it was mainly to let his eye heal. He got stitches out about a week after. Has a nice scar now.

  2. This was Fix on his cut from 133 to basically 125: “My cut down to 25 has actually been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’ve been doing a great job of keeping my weight where it needs to be and I feel good. I’ve been wrestling with my weight a little bit lower – lower than it was during the college season, so that’s good because that’s probably the weight I’m gonna be wrestling at whenever it’s time to compete, so going good. I feel good. Weight’s coming down and just ready to go.”