Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Kansas 2.0

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Another big one awaits OSU on Monday in Lawrence.

I don’t think any of us really know. This team is so Jekyl and Hyde they could lose or they could win no problem.

It’s obvious by now that Issac needs to come off the bench from here on out. I think even tho bull in a China shop Anderson turns the ball over to much but at least they have to cover him all over the court because of his athleticism. Think Issac is just too limited in what he can do for this team. I think he’s holding this team back allitle. I mean what stands out about his game? Just a big point guard that can bully other little guards? He doesn’t do it enough and just disappears during games and when he does just that one thing if he misses the layup and goes to the foul line he is terrible. Give Anderson the start.

You’re underestimating his effect on the game, and how the rotation should work. Also, the eye test can lie too. Likekele is:

2nd on the team in scoring
2nd on the team in FG%.
1st on the team in 3pt%.
1st on the team in rebounds
1st on the team in offensive rebounds
1st on the team in assists
3rd on the team in steals

Also, if he’s not the most reliable in big situations and you have the top player in America on your team, he doesn’t need the ball in big situations (even though he’s proven he could if needed, has 3 game winning shots since last season). He won’t go out and get you 25+ points or put on a scoring clinic, but that’s not what we need from him. He does a little bit of everything else, which is perfect considering how lethal Cade and Boone have been scoring the ball.


Agreed. I can see us winning by 10+, this coming down to the wire, or is getting ran out of the gym. Really no idea what to expect night to night. I will say, us getting run out of the gym seems the least likely, the only team that’s been able to do that has been Baylor (who I think is the best team in America) and we didn’t have Cade. They always seem to have let downs throughout games, but no one has been able to dominate them yet.

Forget about FG % and 3pt % for Ice. The majority of his shots are within 2ft, as he not a perimeter player. How many 3’s has he taken? 15 taken and made 7, small sample size but he’s on pace too take about 20-3’s. All in all nice improvement from last year but still not seen as a threat. Teams dare him to shoot.

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And he hits them? What’s wrong with him being selective with his outside shot? That’s not a hinderance, If anything it’s showing his patience and savvy. Probably half of those threes came in extremely crucial situations. He hit the three to tie, and eventually win the game, vs KU when all momentum had been lost. He hit a big three late to take the lead vs Arkansas. He doesn’t shoot them often, but when he does he hits them. And they’re almost always timely. Just because you make them when you take them doesn’t mean you should shoot 5+ of them a game. Just means you pick your shots well.

If he is hurt that’s a different animal. But he needs to improve his ft

All you watch his first 2 three attempts tonight. Ice is not a good shooter period!

Is Williams a good shooter? Or flavors? Or Walker? They’re a combined 0-6. Also, Anderson has about a hundred turnovers per game and he’s out there throwing behind the back passes into the stands right now. Not much better

He’s hurt he looks slow he can’t beat anybody off the dribble and can’t hit free throws and turns the ball over so am I missing something? Just watching what I see.

Talking about issac

And why doesn’t walker play more?

Williams, Walker and even Flavors are better shooters than Ice. Williams and Walker are struggling tonight. Walker should be starting over Anderson. Anderson is a turnover machine and we don’t need 3 point guards on the court at once.

Psychotic teem means not a very good coach. I’m sorry but I was really high on boynton but he’s not the answer as bad as it hurts me to say that. Basketball basketball the way your team plays is the way you’re coached and that’s a fact. Iv seen enough over the last 5 years of boynton, I mean he can’t even get through a practice without someone hurt. Unbelievable.

Boynton’s team will go on the three win five win streak and lose two strait and go on a five win streak and lose three straight straight. Psychotic

Your boy Boynton sure can coach!

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I thought we had the future #1 pick in the upcoming draft? If we do I sure don’t see it.

Makes you wonder what Doug could have done with all these years? I thought it was a mistake in the beginning not to hire him and I still think that.The guy played under Eddie Sutton and that should speak high volumes. It po’s me that he never gets mad at any of his players for acting like a bull in a China shop. Bad coaching🤷‍♂️

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Bouton is gundy 2.0 but can recruit alittle better

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