Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Texas

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OSU is the underdog, but we’re expecting a close one.

Coaches teams so far do good in preseason and get to conference play and start of with losses and get to the middle part of season and do well and start loosing at the end.

I think coach is in over his head with all these really good experienced coaches in the big twelve. Hope for the best

I need to see one coach at osu get fired up at one of their players for once. Just once!

Pokes 74-69

The days of knight and hayes are long gone. 8 points seem low.
But its amazing how everyones tune changed after one game.
Until he gets them an offensive set and more discipline on offense. They will do the same.

Boynton’s teams have sucked for the last three years. You guys are picking him to lose to a middle-of-the-road Texas team and begin Big XII play 0-2. When do you start to question whether he is the right guy to lead the program?

He was a very uninspiring hire and has done nothing to alter that image since taking over. The program is not trending in the right direction, and I do not see much hope for the future. Time to start fresh and go find us a real coach.

We got him at least 2 more yrs.

Texas ranked number 11 with a 5 star freshman and someone considers that team to be middle of the road?
Cowboys lose big, double digits, blowout. We are going nowhere without a legit big man near the basket.

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I agree. I feel the same about Gundy as well. It’s almost like Boynton is taking advice from Gundy.

Middle of the road? They’ve beaten Indiana, UNC, and barely lost to #7 Villanova. They are actually a pretty good team. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be #11 right now. There is a good possibility they could be the second best team in the conference this season only behind Baylor.

Ur a very odd duck

Boynton was ur boy. now, not after one lose

Travis and joe, u guys are out of your minds. Tai, agreed on your comment about a big needed.

Travis - u seem like an ad in the wait, who’s ur coach. Who’s ur next Eddie?

We don’t need the next Eddie to do better than the guy we have now. There are plenty of really good coaches out there who we could get. Texas Tech did not have any trouble finding a winner. Neither did Baylor, OU, or West Virginia (all programs that we are on par with). We hired one of the best coaches in the country a few years ago and foolishly let him get away.

I see no use in keeping a guy around who 1) has had zero success in 3+ years; 2) shows little promise for future seasons; and 3) we have a relatively small financial investment in. Cut him loose and take your chances on finding the next Chris Beard.

Ur a grade a fool. Brad underwood was looking for a paycheck. Our biggest problem was the Travis for era - can’t change my mind. But if u think it’s like plug and play to find a top 10 college b-ball coach you are out of your ■■■■ mind. Boyton will make the tourney this year, will he be here for the long haul? Prob not, but he will make the tourney this year and the next two years are set up good. U don’t have an answer and u best to grab some popcorn , sit back and enjoy the show. Ps we beat ou / West Virginia and tech this year. Then u meet me on okc and buy me a hamburger with fries

This program is still recovering from the plane crash. Everything that has happened to it in the past 19 years can tie back to the crash. The very definition of the butterfly effect.

Eh…time will tell with his coaching abilities this season. Only 7 games in out of 30. I do think they probably shouldn’t lose to a team like TCU. It’s the first time he’s actually got NBA talent on his roster though.

Mcgriff the crime dog was on his team. He made him worse. He should have gone to the nba.
Anyway my point was how ur down on him after 1 game. What’s it going to be like when u got 15 loses.

Boynton has won just as many conference titles in the last 5 years as Gundy. If you ain’t winning, you’re just a loser.