Picks, Predictions for OSU-Kansas Football in Week 9

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OSU faces a 1-6 KU team Saturday in homecoming.


OSU 35 Kansas 13

I don’t expect to see OSU score in the 40’s unless the defense scores in double digits. I think this would be a good time to rest a few guys on defense. 34-21.

I also predict Gundy goes out of his way to kick a field goal in the 3rd quarter.


Score will be 27-13. We’ll run the ball until we can’t run it any longer.

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I actually think we’ll have some big pass plays. Kansas isn’t any good and I think we’ll use as an opportunity to let Sanders look good and the young wide outs make some plays. Not saying we abandon the run or anything but I think the offense will be far more explosive.

I think Gundy is still scared to death to let Sanders throw the ball no matter who it is against.

I hope he tells his players to stop at the goal line so we can practice fg in the 3rd.

And ur not to let Sanders go pass happy.

I’m kind of under the impression if the Kansas defense is good enough to hold the OU offense to 0 points in a half, then the Kansas defense is good enough to hold our awful offense to a FG attempt in the 3rd quarter.

Ku will be coming in with a chip on their shoulder.
Ou can run the ball. We will have to flex are muscles early so we dnt look like a riley coached team

I agree. This would be worse than the Central Michigan loss in 2016 by far if we don’t come to play.

I wonder if riley can trade his 2 5 star qb for a transfer qb that he hasn’t coached yet.

I wonder if Mike Gundy might be able to avoid his 7th bedlam loss in a row this year against a team with almost no QB.

Why he won’t get fired

No, but I’m sure if he could more fans would get behind him.

Why he doesn’t like fans like u

He already has his six wins he doesn’t need to out coach the ou coach this year. Only saves that for when he has to.

Being outcoached is when you find yourself down 21-0 less than 9 minutes into the game, and then thinking you can come back by 21 with 12 minutes left by punting the ball back to an offense you’re defense hasn’t stopped (In OU territory).

Ok Joey u a freaken genius. U dnt know were the goal post is but ur out there mowing grass.