Pokes in the Pros: NFL/XFL Updates

Looks like Justin Phillips might be finally getting a shot in Oakland.

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Not bad company

So in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m going to start throwing this type of stuff I see in here along with some posts from the blog. Feel free to drop any tidbits, updates, etc. on Pokes in the Pros.

What do we think about Mason making his MNF debut? Will he and James ever connect on deep ball?? I’ve been waiting.

And while we’re at it, Chris Carson is a beast.

Jarwin > Witten. @me

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Mason Rudolph has lined up wide like four times tonight. lol

Does Baker have the worst ratio of on-field success to advertising presence of any NFL QB?



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I was pumped. Great time watching him tonight.

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I used to live in Cincinnati and generally hate the Bengals (annoying fans). So it was nice to see Mason shred them.

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The whole “he threw too short” narrative is trash. He averaged 3.3 air yards per attempt, but the jet/fly sweeps drug his aDOT down a lot. If his game is the deep pass, then the D is going to try and take that away. When they do that, the underneath passes are there and he is going to take what he can rather than force things.

The Bengals also blew coverage regularly. I think I saw that 76% of his passes were to receivers with 3+ yards of space (which is how PFF defines an “open” receiver).


After CornDog threw his hat in the ring, it looks like a couple more former Cowboys (one football alum and one hoops alum) are following suit.

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Tre Flowers had an interception today …

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I don’t know who Cody McElroy is?

Also… I don’t know what Justin Blackmon is up to these days… but this may not be a terrible option for him. He’d get a ton of pub.

He walked on the basketball team a few years ago after minor league baseball. I don’t think he played for the football team.

Looks like Mason might be looking.

Tre Flowers had another awesome interception this week, this time against Kirk Cousins and the Vikings on MNF

Chris Carson rushed for 102 yards and a touchdown (and no fumbles!!)

Carson and tre flowers both looked real good today. Carson has become a tough guy to bring down. Crazy to think he was benched for justice hill. We really are Tailback U