Pokes in the Pros: NFL/XFL Updates

Yeah, that’s right.

He def could do it, but I don’t think it’s ever been about his ability. Who knows.

I think a CFL team got his rights from the Jaguars a few years back but the NFL never reinstated him so he wasn’t available to play for them from what I understand. I assume the XFL would fall outside of their (the NFL’s) jurisdiction.

Would def be cool to see him try though.

i keep forgetting that dan bailey is still playing because he’s with the vikings now, and i rarely watch the vikings, but on sunday he nailed a 50-yarder, and is 90-percent on the season. still solid.

what’s the update with taylor cornelius? it looks like corndog got drafted by tampa bay vipers

i believe this is cornelius (#4) slinging the ball


It wasn’t a very long one, so yeah, it checks out.

chris carson was outstanding again today! 133 yards, 2 tds, lots of highlight worthy runs


mason rudolph back in and lookin good!!

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justice hill gets an 18-yard touchdown run! (and also added 32 yards receiving) … and it was against the browns!!



justice hill had another FANTASTIC td run this week, breaking three tackles on h is way to the end zone

unfortunately on the other side of the ball, james washington had no catches on just three targets on what was a terrible outing from duck hodges. the steelers needed rudolph…

tre flowers had a nice sack on jimmy g early in the seahawks-49ers game…

old reliable dan bailey led minnesota in scoring with 13 points as he was 4/4 for field goals and and extra point in the vikings 21-19 loss to the bears


Glad to see Dan will get that million dollar bonus for his great accuracy this year. Jerry was a complete idiot to cut him.


Here’s an idea, offer Gundy a bonus if the kicker hits above 90%

taylor cornelius is in at QB for the xfl vipers, which is on fox right now

well, didn’t end as well as i had hoped. corndog led the vipers down the field on the final drive, and threw a TD with 4 seconds left that would have brought them within two of tying the game…but the TD was erased due to offensive pass interference, and on the final play cornelius’ pass was intercepted in the endzone

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I think he gets the new start too

touchdown cornelius!! he just ran the ball in for a 1yd td at the end of the half, then completed a pass for the 2-pt conversion to tie the game up at halftime.
taylor started the game and led the vipers to a field goal earlier, but then tampa bay put in flowers at qb for the following 3 series (and he scored a td and led a field goal drive). but cornelius got put back in on the vipers final drive before half and led them down the field in under a minute. hoping he gets plenty of action in the second half…

Corn diggity

corn dog to get the start again for the xfl vipers tomorrow…hope he lights it up!

nice 17-yard scramble for a touchdown by taylor cornelius on a broken play to put the vipers up 22-0 in the third quarter

cornelius started and has played the entire game thus far…threw for a td earlier in the first half

Corn’s receiver gave up the INT. Other than that, He’s looked good.