Predicting OSU Football's Nonconference Results in 2021

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OSU’s noncon slate gets tougher as the calendar progresses.

You sure about that? The only prediction I’ve seen from anyone with any level Boise State knowledge is that they’re going to be sort of dreadful this year. Pokes by 13 at least.

Bosie is not playing the 2018 defense. 35-20

Tulsa not Zach 35-17

Msu 43-3

I live in the “Boise Metro” :smirk: They’re actually rather confident about this team. They just announced full-capacity seating and tickets are going fast!! I just bought mine! It’s going to be a dogfight, but even the Blue-Bloods are saying Pokes by 3…
Go Pokes!

If we lose to Boise St, we’ll never hear the end of it from the Goons. And if that happens, I don’t want to see a single person on here deflecting or defending that L. If we are truly as good as coaching staff and players have led us to believe this season, there is NO EXCUSE for losing in the non-con portion.

U really have a strange thought pattern.

That’s pretty rich coming from you Robert.

I’m just impressed that he spelled “thought” and “pattern” correctly.


How is it strange to say the Goons would give us sh!t for losing to Boise St? I would bet my next paycheck I’m not the only Cowboy that still rewatches the 07 Fiesta Bowl where Zabranski and Ian Johnson put everyone in Norman on suicide watch.

Watched that less than a month back! Best part is the goner fan reactions!


Three of the guys in one of the major viral videos are from my hometown. A dad and his two boys. One was a grade behind me and the other was a grade behind my brother. It’s glorious watching their faces go from “champs to chumps” in seconds. :joy: The younger brother was a decent guy, but the older brother was always an arrogant little prick.

Thank goodness KB has us losing in Boise. Now it’s a guaranteed lock that we get the W!

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Wish we had a coach like Chris Petersen who was willing to go for it instead of punting. I would guess Boise’s chances of beating us are 100% higher than our chances of beating OU. Heck I would say Boise’s chances against OU would be better than ours. Tulsa’s chances against OU should be better than ours.

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I would say I’m confident. However, I did watch this team lose at home as a 21.5 point favorite against a Central Michigan team that went 6-6 that same season. So I would say anything is possible.

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Base ur whole life on one game. Sounds par for u joe.

I just said anything is possible. Like watching our 2017 team get pounded 42-14 into the 4th quarter at home against a K State team they had no business losing to.

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Ur last 2 post have said the same thing, just different teams. I am surprised u have not mentioned anything ou. Must be a record.
" I’m just saying can u be possible less of a bone head"
U know if u would be positive u may not have that ulcer.

In order for me to be positive I need Gundy to aspire for more than 4th place and treat bedlam as more than just “another game”.

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Well thanks for telling that. That really open up what u need. Oh wait uve said that same chit a 1000x.
If ur going to cry try and say new stuff.

Gundy was massacred on here after going for 2 and the win in Norman in 2018. A play where Wallace was wide open and corn dog threw quite possibly the worst pass of his career, I might add.

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