Predicting OSU Football's Nonconference Results in 2021

1 time in 16 years. Most things don’t work if you don’t practice.

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Went for it on 4th down three times the year before. Two of the three resulted in TDs. I could sit here and list a whole bunch of other examples from other games if you want me to. I just figured it’s late and listing three instances in a game exactly one bedlam prior to my previous example would work well enough to exemplify your over-exaggerations.

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The game we are talking about, Boise State ran a hook and lateral on a 4th and 18, had a backup wide receiver throw a touchdown pass and ran the Statue of liberty play. But going for it 3 times in one year is quite impressive for Gundy. (The guy who likes to use 2nd and 3rd downs to prepare for a field goal. )

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*one game. I fixed it for ya.

Yes u fix it. One problem ar0 has memory issues. We will hear about some punt or 4th down again.

  • 2-14 . 16 games. Still not fixed. Never played in a conference championship game. Still not fixed. 1 conference title in 16 years. Still not fixed. 17% winning percentage before Gundy, 12% winning percentage with Gundy. Still not fixed.
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Would have played 3 championship games if they were had them. U can’t take that a way. It was in no way gundy fault the stop championship games.

Fine new stuff to cry about.

If they had been having championship games Gundy might not have ever won the 1 conference championship.

Keep that positive thought

I didn’t massacre him at all for going for the win. In fact, I supported his decision to do so. There is a difference between going for a win and punting from the opponent’s 40 yard line and saying “I give up”. It’s not his fault his QB made a crap throw in the 2018 Bedlam game.


I appreciate the logicality of this post. Couldn’t agree more.

I thought every bad play was Gundy’s fault. Double standards joe

I’m pretty sure no one here said that Gundy does the wrong thing 100% of the time.

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I guess u dnt read Joe’s and ar0 post, they do. If it’s wrong gundy did it. If it’s good it was an accident.

I only blame Gundy when he refuses to try. In 2018 I didn’t mind him throwing to his star receiver for the win. He just happened to have a QB that decided 501 yards passing was good enough and choked at the end ( there is a reason they call it the poke choke).

When you score 29 total points in Bedlam in 2 seasons it tells me you don’t really have any kind of motivation to try much more. He’s one of very few coaches that can get top 25 pay and still fool his fan base in believing that 6-6 is still a major accomplishment. You just happen to be one of those fans.


Yea ok ur rite. About nothing.

You still believe even when a coach keeps proving your wrong.

He is a great coach so how has he proven me wrong.

Because you think he’ll get OSU to a place consistently when he’s proven he can’t do it.

No he is the best coach osu has ever had. And u can’t find one better