Predictions for OSU's Game Saturday vs. Texas

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Can OSU escape Austin with a W?

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We r a better team.


Just don’t trust our offense in this one…
Texas 30 OSU23

They will again. This is a good sign when the j rod picks the other team

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OSU’s defense is good. But have not played an offense yet that is any good. I think Bijan Robinson has a day. Texas wins 31-20

Everbody will be scoring on the hookers. Defense special teams offense. I will be eating mountain oysters. 44 to 28.


I hope so

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This offense isn’t scoring over 40 points. I think they’ll get lucky and get to 33 just because Texas D is so bad.

Go back and read my post then us some math.
But first we scored 31 in a half against a better defense.


Robinson is a stud. If we can keep Texas from scoring on a bunch of big plays (I think there will be a couple.) we will have a good chance. I predict Texas will win 34-28.


Living in Austin I get the feeling that UT is still a bit down from last week. Plus, they’ve shuffled their OLine around this week and there may be some discombobulation for a part (or hopefully most) of the game giving OSU just enough edge to escape with a win in Austin.

If Texas has figured out a way to stop our one dimensional offense, then we are forced to have Sanders win the game for us, which one would think after 3 years would know how to do that. But it’s a sketchy toss up as to how Sanders will perform on any given Saturday.

If we could come out like we did against KSU or BU and shock the Longhorns into a fetal position, then that would be a lot of fun for us watching the game in DKR surrounded by frustrated UT fans.
It sure would make the beer taste better for the rest of the day.

Our D will be sorely tested. This is going to be Waterloo for one of these teams and I’d love to see our Defense just dominate, frustrate and infuriate the Texas faithful just long enough for us to win.

We can ill afford to have to rally to a win with what we have on offense. Sorry, but the truth hurts. We just can’t trust our offense to win games.
But, I’m so hoping they make me eat crow come Saturday afternoon. It’ll go well with the tasty beer and side of BBQ.

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Yeah…and we also scored 7 through three quarters against Tulsa, 14 in the first half against Baylor. That was with a Spencer Sanders that didn’t have any turnovers against K State. We aren’t a consistent juggernaut offense.

One game out of five doesn’t prove anything. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m going to assume we’ll be inconsistent for a certain period of time in this game.

Baylor’s offense looked pretty dang good last weekend


Joey why do u even try. I mean look at u , ur just sucking air. Texas defense couldnt stop ur granny with flat wheels on her scooter

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What does that have to do with us having one good offensive half the entire year?

Since Texas has elected not to play defense, I would think it’s all self explained. Yet again I give u to much credit.

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My point is if we can play like crap against Tulsa it sure as hell can happen in Austin, TX. Do you think Tulsa has better athletes than Texas? I don’t THINK it will come down to that, but I would bet $100 to any on here we aren’t scoring over 40.

I’m going to say we’ll probably score somewhere around 20-23 points in the first half, and then because our offensive coaching doesn’t have the ability to make any in-game adjustments we’ll probably score 7-10 points in the second half.

Learn to read. I didn’t say one thing about scoring only 40.

I have no idea what u think ur saying. First I can read fine. Unfortunately. I read ur chit every day

You said we will score 44 with everyone scoring. So……

  1. I never said anything about the score 40. All I said was that we wouldn’t score over 40.

  2. Tell me how many games this season we’ve scored over 40 with the offense, defense, and special teams combined?