Preseason Tier List: Sorting Out Big 12 Football Contenders in 2023

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The Big 12 looks as fun as ever in 2023.

I’ll call it right now.


OU vs Texas Tech

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As of right now my top tier:
Kansas State, OU, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech
My second tier who could jump into my top tier:
Baylor, Kansas, UCF
Everyone else is fighting for a bowl game.


If that happens then GUNS UP!!!

Kansas is winning the Big 12 this year. Hot take of the century.


3. Kansas
6.Texas Tech
10. OSU
11.Iowa St
12. Houston
13. WV
14. Cincy

I’m not saying Texas is back, but I could see them as the number 2 team in the Big12 championship. I don’t think they’ll beat whoever they play in it if they make it to the championship game. I feel K-State is almost a lock be to play in it. I think honestly no hate towards OU they’ll be the same as last year. I can see Kansas being in it if they keep their momentum from last season going. My outside pick is UCF.

I could see that, my new group of 4 pick is UFC. If we have a bad season. I’ll probably pull for Kansas just cause I’ve felt bad for them since their last winning season they had. I don’t have any bad feelings towards them. Of the new schools I like UCF and followed Gus since he was at Tulsa. He’s brilliant on offense. Same as the Kansas coach. They both know how to use a mobile QB well.

I believe TT and K-State are going to rule the roost for the next several years. Watch out for UCF! The Cowboys have some great individual position players and could be a wild card…depends on QB play and OL play. If they can run the ball consistently then they have a chance. But I have to see it to believe it.

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I thought we were poised to be the next “leader” in the new Big 12? What happened to everyone’s opinions?

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The Browns have a better chance at winning the Superbowl than Gundy has at making OSU even the tiniest bit relevant in the Big 12. That’s what happens when the Administration refuses to make necessary changes. Instead we will continue doing what we have been doing. Winning nothing.

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8-1: Texas (loses to KState
8-1: KState (loses to Tech)
8-1: OU (loses to TX)
6-3: Tech
5-4: UCF
4-5: TCU
4-5: KU
4-5: ISU
3-6: Baylor
3-6: WVU
3-6: OSU
3-6: Houston
2-7: Cincy
2-7: BYU

ou at 8-1 is insane.

Vegas has them as favorites in 8 of the 9. Phil Steele has them finishing in the 2 spot as well. So I think i’ll value their opinions slightly more than a poster named DickeySucksAtHisJob. Who on their schedule would you say is “insane” to pick them to beat? Lets hear where you have teams finishing as opposed to simply commenting on mine?

What opinion could be more valuable than one coming from a guy that thinks our OLine coach sucks? I have KSU at 1, Texass at 2, Tech at 3, a whole shitshow of pick ems from 4-12, Cincy at 13, Houston at 14. Texass should win the conference but I would not be surprised if they lose 4 games.

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So you have OU winning how many Conf games? You have the same 1-2 as I do. I have Tech @4, while you have em at 3. So how many games do you have both state schools winning? You said me, Vegas & Phil Steele are insane……so let’s hear yours specifically. And you’re certainly hedging your bet by saying Texas wins the Conf or loses 4 games. Get off the fence big fella & pick a side

I’d put 4-12 within a game or two of each other. Between 4-6 wins is what I predict for all those teams. I put Texass at 2 but they should win the conference because they have the best roster. How did I hedge? I picked them at 2. Seems like I made my prediction pretty clear to me. If December rolls around and they have 4 losses it would not shock me whatsoever. That’s not a hedge it’s me not being surprised.

So OU goes 6-3 at best. 4-5 at worst. Same for OSU? You say it’s “insane” that OU could win 8……even though they play 7 games against the teams who you predict to finish with 4-6 wins.

OSU plays 7 games against teams I predict to get 4-6 wins and I’m not predicting anything special for them. There is nothing ou did last year that makes me think they’re going to only lose 1 conference game.

OU lost 7 games last year. 5 of which were by 7pts or less. The other two, they got blown out when they were playing with a backup QB. That’s no excusing what happened. That’s unacceptable & everyone deals with injuries. They weren’t very good last year. The only game on the schedule that I think OU has a really hard time winning is in Dallas against Texas. They could go 7-2 or 6-3 pretty easily, in large part due to the schedule. Is OU playoff good? Absolutely not. But I think they’re definitely good enough to win 8 of 9 with the schedule they have. If I’m wrong, I’ll come on here and say it. But it’s not insanity to think OU can win 8 Conf games.

OU has a fairly simple schedule in my opinion. They’ve brought some guys in from the portal and I don’t see them struggling to six wins again. I think they’ll be much improved. I think they go 10-2 this season. No K State on the schedule for them either. I think possible losses are Texas and Kansas.

Tech returns a lot of starters and has also brought some talent in from the portal. I think they have the potential to go 9-3. Losses to Oregon, K State, and Texas would be my guess.

As much as I’d like to put Texas in that top 2 category they’ve not proven in the past they’re not a solid pick in that category. I’d trust about three or four teams in the new conference to prove more than Texas has over the last decade. I think Texas probably ends up somewhere between 3-5 in the conference. Same thing with K State and TCU. I just don’t know exactly how those teams will perform. I could see them in those 3-5 spots in the conference.

I don’t really see any team in this conference getting away with less than two conference losses through the year.

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