Presley announcing tomorrow

Where’s the coverage on that? I assume OSU isn’t get Presley or else PFB would’ve been all over it

Would be embarrassing to miss out on another younger brother

Gundy did that happy to be a cowboy tweet last week.

You have got to get in PFB+.

The community in there had their ear to the ground.


It’ll be a good day tomorrow.

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Thanks. I usually at least see the headlines on here.

Wonder if he will pick OSU?

Need to reconsider my membership on here. I didn’t renew but may have to

Go month to month.

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Either it’s a huge coincidence, or he’s coming here. Word got out that he had secretly committed and was picking the right date for his announcement, and not even an hour later Gundy and Marshall both sent cryptic tweets about us getting a big recruit. It may not be him but all signs point to it being him at this point.


Good stuff! I just signed up for PFB+


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