Pro Football Focus Names Collin Oliver True Freshman of the Week

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Oliver is tied for the team lead in sacks.

Joey I thought we didn’t play freshman.
Hope he holds up. Look at ford.

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Kid is player!


Nice award for the kid. Has a good motor for sure… seems I read somewhere since he came here working out for Glass he’s gained 30 lbs ? I like him

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He has to play because they have nobody else at that position. Just think all those times that gundy hasn’t played freshman because their not mentally tough enough and body’s arnt mature enough and to think this true freshman can play and plays ■■■■ good. Glad Ford got hurt because gundy needs to see that some true freshman can in fact play better than a less talented upperclassman sometimes. It’s possible folks and it happens all around the country.

4 :star: kid.

Like o’l coach always says…”there’s just no substitute for experience”. Uh yes there is coach…it’s called pure athleticism. On a normal year we would have never seen this kids potential and he’s better or as good as Ford. The kid should have played from day one even at linebacker if no spot for him as a edge rusher. His draft stock will rise playing good as a true freshman you watch. This has hindered our really good kids draft stock for years.

Ford is a stud. He’s not some older guy gundy plays because of loyalty. I think he’s a sophomore this year.

Gundy said he was getting snaps before the year started. You and Joey are the only ones that would say they were glad Ford got hurt… moronic statement. I’ll promise you an 18 year old isn’t physically strong as a 21 year old

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That’s outta line saying you’re glad Ford got hurt.

  1. It sucks for Trace.
  2. He was set up to be dominant this season.
  3. We need as much depth as we can get on defense, as they’ve been a huge factor in this 5-0 start.

Hey moron I know Joey is an idiot, and he is dragging u along. Ford started as a freshman. Ford is a junior.
Back to ur freshman deal over the years a lot of freshman have played and started. Like Michael said older guys have developed more. Gundy knows thru years of experience the pitfalls of younger players.
I hope he does get hurt like the other Santa fe players, Ford and bundage.
He us starting because Ford and Martin are hurt. Glad a guy gets to start over injured players is sick.

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Yes Oliver is better than Irby and Martin but yet was forced in because of injuries to these upperclassman and is obviously better than the two.

Let me repeat myself here…Oliver was forced in just like the rest of the freshman on this team. Gundy never plays true freshman over less talented upperclassman unless injury or he has nobody else. Name a veteran player that he took out to play a true freshman? I’ll wait for you to dig deep and come up with one.

Pressley is a Soph. now. Get him the ball!

Ford and lacy thats two rite their. We had a true freshman reciever start the season. Last year shane started above bullock.
Presley started. How many more do u need. These are just players playing now. There are quite a few over the year.
What I want to know. Why is it so important to play freshman. Do other teams play freshman more then gundy.
Really if ur playing freshman it’s not a good sign. There is good players coming out of hs, but u still have better upper class men

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Aging Robert this year they are playing because they had too. Presley played two games man and was very limited. Going to only say this one more time for you, name me a position that a true freshman took over for a veteran guy? You can’t

Ford is a junior and lacy is a red shirt jr. so not sure about your facts there. Presley played two games and that dosent mean he started so keep going…

U are an idiot shane took over for a veteran. Ford and lacy were at one time freshman.
Dnt come on here saying bs. Not only do we like gundy, we like osu. U dnt understand football or osu history.
U dnt even understand about maturity. If freshman were all ready to play they would wait until juniors to go pro. I know u see chit in basketball were lots of freshman can start. Once again u can’t compare football and basketball.
I’m done on this subject. U have no clue of anything ur saying.

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Who did lacy and Ford play over as true freshman idiot? I’m not arguing with you because you have no comprehension. It’s a waste of time. You sir have been ideological subversioned. Look it up and get you a tutor so you can comprehend it. You answer nothing and respond with stupid facts you pull out of your pee brain child.

Ur rite I can’t comprehend idiot talk. Gundy has always played the best players.
Dnt big up weeden its well documented he was not a good practice player.

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