Pro Football Focus Names Collin Oliver True Freshman of the Week

Shane did not take over he was thrusted in because sanders was hurt. Man how deep of a whole can you dig🤷‍♂️

He was 3rd string

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Why did gundy put him in?

And why is he not playing now?

Look I will explain something. Anytime a freshman starts he is playing over somebody.

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You have a hard time understanding what it means between a starter and a guy that starts a ale because of injury you know the back up for a starter. A stater is a kid that starts every game and is on the depth chart that is listed 1st. A back up to the starter does not start every game and comes in to either replace a starter who is injured or needs a breather. Are we clear on this?

None of those guys you mentioned started as a true freshman over a upperclassman starter!

Shane didn’t. But the other did. We have had freshman win spots. If u dnt want to face it that’s find. It’s never good to play freshman no matter what the reasons r in football.

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Lol, then tell me who lacy and Ford started over as a true freshman then. Yea you make them a starter from day one because he’s better than one other starter.

U the one saying ur happy ford is hurt. Thats messed up in ever way possible. U are argue not to win, just to argue. Only a guy with serious issue would belive in what ur saying.


Ford was better than everybody as soon as he stepped foot on campus. Gundy dosent want to put the time and effort into getting an true freshman ready to start because it takes too much of his tractor time but instead let’s them mature through just practice and time.

So now gundy himself is suppose to spend what 10 extra hours a day to get 18 or more freshman to play even tho some may never play. I know this chit sound good in ur head with all ur personalities but no.

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Yea I’m glad that Ford got hurt to teach people like you my point. The guy is not dead he is ok, your part of the soft generation so your sensitive. Listen Iv beat the horse too long. Your wrong I’m right it’s over. Ideological subversion is what the kbg has done to you. You don’t know reality even if someone brings you the truth.

Wow if that is not the most insane rant I have every read, I dnt know what is.
Ur rite u won something a :trophy:for insane poeple everywhere. Nobody should be happy for a guy who now has his second acl.
I’m by far not from the soft generation.
U keep saying things that I can’t believe can even be thought up. I now can wait to read the next post.
I dnt need to prove I’m rite. I’m not actually sure u even know what ur trying to prove. Bring on the next rant

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Wondering if Pressley might have some kind of slight injury being the reason they are not throwing to him?

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I know this means nothing with Sanders quarterbacking, but was he getting open.

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Also with Sanders over throwing tall recievers did we want him throw to presley?

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They threw to him but over throws are uncatchable. Just quarterback play is all it is

James Washington started you moron !!! I was sure you said you were glad Ford got hurt ! Right !! How sadistic and moronic can you get. You 4 goon lovers probably have a huge one when one of our players get hurt. Go back to you and joeys favorite board and slobber all over your goons. They need it right now. You are pathetic…. Even Travis says it’s wrong saying you’re glad a player got hurt :shushing_face:

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