QB Competition is Stiff This Spring, and That's Good for OSU

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Sanders is QB1, but the room is much stronger this year.

There u go joe they find those dunn lies.

As you always like to say “It’s just coach talk!!”.

Ur the one that believes in it.

I’ve seen this movie before. I know how it ends.


Was anyone disappointed with the results last year?

Sanders had the exact same number of completions and attempts last year as in 2019 with fewer yards and TDs. His QB rating was mediocre (at best). Even when he had a statistically good game like against Texas, his 3 turnovers were able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He seems like a nice young man and I wish nothing but success for him, but SS doesn’t have the “it factor” and he’s not going to get it. If he’s QB1 for 2 more years, you’re looking at more 7-8 win season with 9 being the absolute ceiling. BTW, this blog has been pumping sunshine about Sanders since before he arrived on campus. It hasn’t been true and is unfair to a college kid who has been subject to unrealistic expectations. Just stop.


Yes. Because we are suppose to be playing for conference titles, but that doesn’t seem to happen any longer. Now the goal is to be content with 4th.

That’s pretty fascinating!

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So let me ask this, with the QBs on our roster now, is there one that will elevate that win total to 10 or 11? Are any of them good enough to beat OU (who unfortunately is even better on paper for this upcoming season than they have been in their already dominant seasons recently)? If you think Shane is good enough to carry us to 10-11 wins, then so be it. I still remember 14 straight incompletions in the last game he played in. Not to say he’s bad, he’s shown he can manage games well at points, but so has Sanders at points. Sure, the only way to find out is to switch to him, but we know much less about his abilities than the team/ coaches do. Not saying sanders is the right choice either, I just don’t know. And if the issue is not getting good enough QBs in to the program to elevate the team, are we capable? Is it justifiable to believe a guy like Rattler or Fields or Lawrence would chose Stillwater over Norman or Columbus or Tuscaloosa, etc? It’s a never ending circle that will go on and on forever, which is the same issue 98% of schools in America deal with yearly.


The way to change that is to get a coach who can develop a quarterback and put one in the NFL that’s better than a bench riding backup.
All of that requires a offense that can make a quarterback excel. An offense that changes to the strength of each quarterback.

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I love just read the chit u put out.
Last I checked u wanted a high flying pass attack.
Now we just get any quarterback and refit our offense to him.
Like usual u see the end stats and say thats not good.
Gundy did wrong.
Once again u show us ur double standards.

I see you are still commenting on everything posted.

No ur wrong again. Just stupid ones.

This debate will go on till we start the season.
What shane has showed is alot of good. The ou game was his first game in awhile. First big game. I do believe he was pushing his throws.
Sanders we have seen alot of Sanders. And I’ve been as hard as anyone about Sanders poor side. But with these I think we better have our two other qbs ready.
Sanders we know can get hurt. Shane just seem he can to.
I hope, with more practice one will learn. So we can open the play book up.

I really dnt see why being a million dollar back up is a problem. It is the sweetest job in the NFL.
No pressure (till u have to play). Did I say ur making millions.
If that’s not a selling point not sure what is.
Since the guys ur taking about were not nfl prospects coming out of high school.

You make it sound so much easier than it is. There’s about 15-20 QBs in the NFL that could currently say that, and maybe a third of them had statistically dominant college careers. A lot of them are older guys that were no more than game managers in college and eventually grew into what they are now once they hit the league. When only about 10% of college schools are spitting out NFL star QBs, if that, and most of those being from blue bloods, it’s tough to pin our pro struggles on the head coach of a middle-tiered football program. He did have one dominant QB (maybe two if you want to throw mason in there) and he went on to fail in the NFL. Not Gundy’s fault. Book’s still out on Mason but I wouldn’t pin him as an eventual NFL star. What could he have done different to turn Weeden into an NFL starter? Honest Question. He’s tried different avenues too. Duel threats like Robinson and Walsh, PP’s like Weeden and Rudolph, mixtures of both like Sanders, and all of them had dominant HS careers. And all of them but Sanders have had very impactful college careers. We’ve never had a Mahomes-type guy come through, which tech has shown to be possible, but that was a 1-in-a-million outcome and Mahomes is going to eventually go down as one of the greatest to ever do it. Other than the last two years really, our struggles have always fallen on the defense’s shoulders. And in the last two years where the offense is the problem, statistically across the board the entire conference’s offenses have slowed way down from the early 2010’s.


I also think Ou had an absolutely brilliant defensive gameplan for that game. I am perfectly fine with slamming Gundy for being unable to do the same, that complaint would be 1,000% accurate. But OU’s defensive strategy in that game was incredible. Tough for Shane to have a good game after being thrown into the lions din in that situation, and even when Sanders was in everyone loved to blame it all on him but it looked like a flag football game. The center would snap the ball and 4-5 untouched Defenders would come charging full speed at Sanders immediately. The O line was completely dominated that day, which I stand firm in saying is by far the absolute more important position group in football.


Nicely said.
I was surprised wheedon last that long, or at all.
The guy had two left feet. But great osu cowboy.
Mason needs to speed up his release and get tougher and he could play.

I have always said that. Oline is what makes u.
Yes ou was not good anywhere.
Qb is the only spot I think we will wonder about. just with the oline being more intact will help the qb.

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