Raleek Brown/Transfer portal

We should make a push for this guy…would be a great addition to Ollie next year and then be the featured back…

There are a couple of good lineman all ready in.


Really hope we can shore up some of our wants and needs while we have some
Spotlight . Very interesting to see what we can get at far as waivers from our current team members .

@thomas7 What makes you think OSU would be a destination for him? I have a little insight on how his recruiting went coming out of HS (he was an OU commit). I dont think OSU is on his radar in any way, for a few reasons. First, he is in the NIL market, without a doubt. Is OSU willing to negotiate that? I think Gundy/OSU will play the NIL game to an extent…but not on the level that Raleek Brown is going to do. Secondly, hes not a true RB. Hes more of a flashier/bigger version of Pressley. Lastly…OSU has to have a QB to even begin to lure guys like this to Stillwater. Raleek Brown, from Cali/USC/Lincoln Riley…is never setting foot in Stillwater.

Maybe he’ll head back to where he originally committed and go to your school and go 7-5 in the SEC next year.


We have a lot of guys who dnt need waivers just need to know if they are coming back.

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It sounded like the sentiment was guys wanted to be back


Yeah. OU is gonna suck. Thanks for adding to the convo.

None of what I said was taking a shot at OSU. USC under Lincoln Riley is not a roster full of guys that are cut from the same cloth as what is in Stillwater. Gundy & this program aren’t built on guys like Raleek Brown.

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Ou and Texas are probably cutting loose at a decent time. I don’t think they’re gonna have a losing record next year .

Y’all got Maine on the schedule I saw ?

You are correct, OSU is not built on Heisman contending QBs, but we are for RBs. So maybe he wants to go where his talents are appreciated.

I think he’ll want to go to a BB where he can start right away.

He wants to go where his talents ARE PAID FOR. OSU in the NIL/portal era isn’t getting a guy like Raleek Brown to come from USC. Again, that’s no disrespect to Gundy or OSU. But if you think he’s even remotely interested in coming to Stillwater…….you either have found a way to reincarnate T Boone or have no idea how the NIL game is played.

I don’t think OU will have a losing record (like a bunch of people on this site say). Nor do
I think they go win the Conf (like a bunch of people on SoonerScoop say). I think they probably are a 7-5/9-3 type. BV has recruited really well on the defensive side. The NIL is starting to take off. The history of OU football tells you they’re not going to just fall off the map.

Yeah the SEC has a scheduling model that they stick with. When you play the schedule in Conf that they play, I don’t mind the one dumpster game. When you play all all those programs back to back to back……you need to mix in a Maine.

OSU had the greatest RB tandem in history. But I hate to break it to you……there are SEVERAL programs who have a more prolific/storied RB history than OSU.

Totally agree. Need a really good QB to attract more talent. We don’t know what Zane Flores will be like at college level next season, other than coming in with no experience at this level.

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What are the chances bowman gets a waiver he’s applying for ?

Bowman will probably get another year and Zane will transfer.

I find it hard to believe he will. He set behind guys at Michigan. The 3 years at tech only 2019 he didnt go over 4 games and he took a normal red shirt. The other were 8 games.
Rangal mite transfer. I dnt see zane.

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Bowman is on his 6th year isn’t he ? I don’t know anyone getting a 7th. Is he trying for the portal year ? If this is his 6th he’s , he’s has a RS, a portal, is he trying for an injury ?

Lol yea its his 6th. I think we had a 7th in wrestling.
Like i said he is trying to get a year after playing 8 games. The ncaa is really trying to get these covid plus years over.

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