Reader Question: Which Last Season Senior Would You Add to This OSU Team?

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Waters, McGriff or Dziagwa?

Dziagwa, need some one to shot 3s

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Man if this team had Jr. year Lindy.

Killa Cam and it’s not close. He brings more toughness. Cam was a dawg, played as an undersized big, did all the little things like take charges and did all the dirty work. This team needs rebounding not shooting 3s. He was the best at drawing charges. Him on this team and taking MAM and Kalib (again) under his wings would be plan A

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None of them. Absolute lack of leadership. Can’t remember the last time I’ve beeb so disappointed by a group of senior basketball guys. Maybe if there had been a couple of other guys in that group to balance out that shitshow, I wouldn’t feel this way.

U really can be a debbie downer.

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This comment shows you’re lacking…quite a bit


I find it absurd that a fan can spin his opinion on leadership when he never was in the locker room or attended a practice. As I recall, none of the 3 ever had any disciplinary issues. I think all 3 left everything they had on the court and just because they didn’t win enough games doesn’t mean they were poor leaders. Those 3 had a career record of 5-4 vs OU.


Wasn’t “spinning” anything. Was just giving my opinion in general. People can feel free to disagree. And have. Haha!

I was only referring to on-the-court leadership. All 3 were tremendous ambassadors for the university off the court/in the classroom. Tons of guys go through their careers without being a discipline issue. Doesn’t necessarily mean they can contribute significantly to a team wanting to make a push for a deep run in March. Because I wasn’t in the locker room, I can’t give my opinion on our players? That’s dumb. Also, 5-4 vs OU?! That’s your reasoning? Since when was OU the measuring stick in the Big 12 in basketball? I mean I want as many Bedlam wins in every sport possible, but let’s not act like Bedlam hoops is a barometer for the season the way it is in football.

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Girls beat #11 lsu maxwell she is going to be a good pitcher for another couple of yrs

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McGriff by a landslide. You fell into the top of thinking we need offense. We need rebounding, defense and toughness. Offense is nice, because it was to back up with stats, but I know who Coach Iba and Coach Sutton who the prefer.

The stats don’t tell the whole story between Lindy and D. because they had to play fatigued for one season due to those other guys getting kicked off the team and then there were some injured players so that cut down on their performance because of the extra minutes all the starters had to play. Crime dog was great, rebounding turns into points. But this current team really needs a 3 point shooter. I would have to pick Lindy. What are those 3 guys doing with their lives now?

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I think Dizagwa and McGriff are pro over seas. Lindy I don’t think plays professionally.

I would trade all 3 of those to have Anei on this team.

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What would Yor’s stats look like if he had stayed this year? If we had Yor, we’d have a guy to block/alter shots and keep Kalib/Kouma out of potential foul trouble. But I wonder what the cost of having him back would be? Would it slow Kalib’s development? He’s been much improved in the past month or so. Would we ultimately match up better against KU or Baylor?

What if. What if we still had that foul machine.
No it would be nice he was still here. But we picked another two younger guys with the centers going.
All 3 of our bigs are coming a long. Can’t say that with those we lost.
I’m just saying I think we r and will be better off.

Fair enough.

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Cowgirls won another 12 and 0

So went and look at uri stats. Pts less, mins less, fouls same. So real no lose. May be a new football coach would help.