Reader Thoughts: Is Mike Boynton a Good Coach?

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On recruiting, lineups and the stingy Big 12.

Nice article, lil long. And I like coach.
But haven’t seen the good coach yet.
It’s one thing to grade him by how much we pay him
His adjustments seem to be mainly to change players.
He needs to get a offense get the team to set it up.
Teach these kids how to pass the ball.
Tell to slow down on 3’s.
They had a half with no assist.
Games with 9 and 7 assists

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I’ve been wondering about Boynton myself. He seems like a wonderful person and a great ambassador for OSU, but I have yet to see all the off-the-court virtues produce on-the-court success.

One question I’ve had is whether Boynton is the opposite of Gundy. One gets 3-stars recruits and wins enough that we’re dissatisfied when he doesn’t win more than 70% of his games, and the other gets 4 & 5 stars but gets a pass when he wins 60% of his games.

I’m one of the first person to give him a pass for off court troubles ( kick kids off, injury, sick players.) His player development has not been seen. Closing games out. Lack of offense set.
It’s not to late to turn it around.

“He has improved recruiting and was dealt a bad hand to start, but the next few years are going to determine if he can go from good-to-great or if he is destined for good-to-neutral.”

Exactly!!! It’s not like he’s been given 16 seasons to prove everyone right or wrong. We got people ready to sacrifice him after three seasons, and then people fighting for Gundy after proving to the fan base over and over again he can’t do it.

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Joe stay on page ur not helping boynton by crying about Gundy. R u married, do u think she wants Gundy or does ur wife tells ur kids " I wish ur dad was a winner like Gundy "
Can u carry on any conversation with out any mentioning Gundy.

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All good valid points, Robert! I would add player-development as not great for Boynton. For example, it didn’t seem as if McGriff improved a ton over two years with Boynton. And I could maybe make a case Lindy regressed and Dizzy was…well Dizzy. Sporadic 3 point bomber with no defense. Which goes along with your point of offensive sets and too much 3-point shooting in general.

I really hoped to see the Boone twins explode this year. Hasn’t happened yet. Wonder how much losing Yor has stunted this team through the first two conference games?!

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I’ve talked about his player development. Mcgriff was a let down. Boynton never made it clear what he wanted mcgriff to do. I mean ice was to pass and drive. Waters drive a lil 3 pts a lil pass. Dizzy pass and shot the bomb. Yur reboundblock rebound block rebound block
Mcgriff just never was given a purpose until to late in the game.
The team should had been about him. Maybe a high post set or something.

The article was a bunch of excuses and the article like others continue to paint a picture of poor Coach Boynton and the tough hand he was dealt. As I stated MB has been here for 5 years. He was apart of Underwood’s staff and was the main recruiter before becoming HC. His recruiting classes up to year 5 haven’t been special. This yr he gets Cade a one and done Walker and MAM. Cade was ranked between 1-3 nationally. That made the class rank very high. The loss of 3 scholarships over the next 3 years is difficult. I understand the violation took place while MB and the other coach were on Underwood staff and it stinks but MB doesn’t get a free pass as he hired the coach to his staff. I agree we’ve beaten some really good teams over the few years, but we’ve also lost games we should’ve won. Bottom line it’s about Wins and getting to the dance. The way you get those wins is building a foundation. An example is Underwood at Illinois where he struggled for 2 yrs but in the last 2 yrs has shown great improvement. All I’m looking for in our program is improvement and that starts with the foundation and recruiting the pieces to build a strong foundation. I’m a little tired of MB handing out scholly’s to big men who are marginal at best who leave or are asked to leave after one year. I know Yor left after his sophomore year and showed promise as a defender and that hurts. I’m still hopeful that this is the season we get it turned around.

Seems like a long list of excuses. At some point you are what your W/L record says you are. This is year 4. This is his team and his players. If the pieces don’t fit it’s on Boynton. I haven’t been impressed with the half court offense under Boynton since his arrival. He preaches defense, supposedly, but I don’t see a suffocating defense. Turn on the film of some of those Eddie teams and that is how defense should be played.

It’s a shame we can’t pack GIA. In my opinion that would help the players pick up the intensity defensively. This year Boynton and his players will have to create that intensity from within. I am pulling for Boynton to get it figured out.

If boynton doesn’t turn it around I do think we keep him here for the ncaa sanction, if there is one. At least the 1 yr dance part. So the new coach wont have that to deal with.

Let us not forget that Boynton was hand picked by Mike Holder. Therefore Boynton ain’t going anywhere soon. He is not getting axed so quickly. Just don’t give him an extension.

I’m in the camp that sincerely hope Boynton makes a run and is ultra successful. He is a great ambassador for our school, he’s very involved with most anything on campus, does things the right way. It’s his team now, he has to start winning. The loss to TCU was not good. Played well at Texas other than the 17-0 run they made. Still don’t know how everyone shoots lights out 3’s on use

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I’m all for putting some expectations on Boynton and holding his feet to the fire. Just wish for once they would put some expectations on Gundy.

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We r by Gundy 3rd year gundy had 2 bowls and hard winning in conf.
Were ask boynton to start winning on conf.
U just fail to accept.
What we would love is u stop trying compare a basketball coach to a football coach

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Give the man 16 years and then evaluate him

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One think both coaches have in common is both their offense’s suck bad, and they are way to nice to their players and have very little fire.

Name me one really good basketball coach that dosent get fired up on the sideline at their players and I will find you triple that do.

Duke coach u heard of him
Coach k. He never had to rant throw chairs.
Jeff why do u guys ask questions we always have answers.
I’ve told u ar1 and joe to read u ur post before posting.
Took me 2 sec. Bobby knight is long gone. Stop living in the past. Also remember were not and nba team

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If he doesn’t do what Gundy has done in 2 yrs he wouldn’t see 16.