Recap: Oklahoma State Falls in Bedlam 28-13, Despite Shutting Out OU over the Final Three Quarters

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The Cowboys’ offense couldn’t finish enough drives to complete the comeback.

It was an exact repeat of the 2020 bedlam game. The only difference is the score wasn’t as bad. I just have two questions for my fellow OSU fans and I’ll give my thoughts here.

  1. Do you really think Gundy is going to get this program close to BB status before he retires?

Case in point here. He just got owned by a 5-5 team with a first year HC with their worst record since 1998 so far. Should a coach as tenured as Gundy (most winningest in school history) along with his coaching staff be getting outgunned by a .500 team 28-0 in one quarter of football? Now to not take anything out of context here I will say Gundy did say “I HOPE by the time I leave here OSU football will be close to BB status”.

The preparation for this game looked absolutely pathetic and I believe before the game I said OU would be better prepared and ready to play. That was the case tonight because that’s what championship caliber programs try to establish despite a less than successful year. I didn’t see anything like that remotely close by Gundy and his coaching staff along with the players. While Gundy preaches culture others are preaching championships. We just lost to a team that was embarrassed at WV. Are we really not as good as WV?

As far as Dunn is concerned he doesn’t need to be calling plays for this team. He’s just not OC material. I’m willing to give Mason some slack being his first year, but I’ve not seen any major improvement from the defense since the K State debacle other than the second half of the game tonight. I can understand being maybe a 5th ranked defense in this conference from what we lost, but we’re dead last in the conference defensively. That is absolutely unacceptable and it’s the exact opposite of establishing a championship culture (if that’s truly the goal).

  1. Can anyone hear honestly tell me they think OSU will be the dominant team in the new conference?

Because I haven’t seen it this season. This was a perfect season to take advantage of OU not being nearly as dominant as they usually are and Texas just being kind of so-so. Instead, Sonny Dykes comes into Fort Worth, TX and currently has that team at 11-0 (a team that went 5-7 in 2021). I have a feeling we aren’t going to be as dominant in the new Big 12 as some of us think we are. That also leads into recruiting and the transfer portal. Some people want to b1tch and complain about injuries, but never question where our actual depth is (like Gundy said we had). We have no depth. Why? Because we would rather stick freshman out there and pray instead of trying to find some decent talent from the transfer portal.

If you’re going to stick with Dunn, Dickey, and Mason, then all this season has shown me is you better get better in the recruiting department and see what you can snatch from the portal. Just because a portal player may not have developed in your program doesn’t automatically constitute that they can’t benefit the team in some way. It’s better to try than just ignore it altogether. Do I expect Gundy to have a 10 win team that’s playing for or winning a conference title every season? No, and especially not when OU is their usual selves, but this season is on him and if he’s not going to be serious about the offensive and defensive woes along with his arrogance when it comes to the transfer portal he should strongly consider hand the reigns over to someone that knows how to deal with those things. Especially if we’re going to be playing in a conference that’s absent blue bloods and you still find yourself from the outside looking in.


Now it’s up to the new AD. Make something happen with football and basketball or go away.

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Unfortunately your analysis here is very compelling. It is clear that something needs to change. Don’t know what exactly but we either need to do something different or just quit as there is no point in the current path that we are on.

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Bill if i was in a serious situation, i hope your not around. First time something goes wrong your hundled up in the corner crying sucking on your thumb.

That sounds like Gundy and not anyone else here.

  1. Who said this was the first time something has went wrong?

  2. We went from 5-0 to most likely finishing off the season 2-5.

  3. Guys like you b1tch about injuries and make excuses constantly for repeated behavior. So which one is crying here?

  4. The only team that Kansas has beaten since October 2nd is?

  5. Now give me your honest answers on the two questions I’ve asked.

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So your saying without all these injuries the dame outcome would happen.

Every year i hear you gurls compare gundy to some coach. Gundy is always there but the other coaches names are different. What was you prediction for this year mine was 9 wins with out injuries we on our way to 8. I had us as 3rd that can still happen but no worse then 4th.

I think think gurls like you think you should go to the prom with the king. In reality your going with your cousin.

Whats the worst thing happened to you at work, broke your pencil. In the real world chit happen. Gundy has worked around issues.

We still get murdered by KState and ou still beats us without being injured. There was ■■■■ near no preparation done for either game. You maybe squeak out a win at Kansas without injuries.

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We had no body injured this weekend
The plauers are just nameless to you.

We had guys sitting out due to injury Roberto. You’re looking dumber by the post defending this white flag surrendering :cat: shiit.

Ford lacey harper Richardson brooks.

Oh yea your rite we were as health as we were the first day.

White flag is you believe you know crap

Injuries or not if the offense doesn’t get their chit together and figure something out we’re capping this season off at 7-6. We’re averaging just over 12 ppg over the last month. Do you really think we’re going to win any more games doing that with the defense we have?

I wasn’t the one that claimed we have depth. That was Gundy that said that. So which one is it here? Is it bad coaching? Is it not having any depth? Or is it both? We haven’t had any major injuries on defense and we’re still dead last in the conference. Why is Collin Oliver barely on the field it seems like? Why are we barely playing a dude that was a freshman all-American last season? Is that bad coaching? Is that not having depth? Or is it both?

We look like Iowa State right now on offense. They’re currently 1-7 in conference play.

You are @jeff42 are amazing. So far the list i heard saban could do.

Dnt recruit freshman get portal, what happen to our freshan all american.

Put a policy in place to keep players from leaving to play more. Do we put tgem in leg chains. I think the dinors putting in a good nil deal is the only policy.

Dnt want culture but a bunch of thugs raping the coeds.

I likrd the one comparing our offense to isu. Its amazing their of is the same they have a top 10 defense. Matt is a better coach. Yet we are winning.

Seriously you yahoos say your not crying yet i hear all these amazing idea of how we can become a winning program. Do you guys listen to your selves.

I know one major problem was knowless being the lineback coach got no linebackers. The ones we had pervious years he didnt recruit. He was the primary on none of these lb.

I would believe some of your guys chit if any of it main sense. Gundy has done things that hasnt happened in stilwater since the 40’s.

Lets talk about a new coach how many picked sonny was going to win at tcu. Since you guys are all so genius athletic directors who would make a great hirer.

I have not heard one thing i could agree with. Just 2 gurls crying

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Gundy has done a phenomenal job getting the program to relevance but he clearly can do nothing more. He is a coward against OU. We all have witnessed at least 5-6 Bedlams that should’ve gone OSU’s way but of course didn’t. He cannot win conference titles much less anything more. It’s time for him to be thanked for his efforts but the program is still bigger than him & it’s time for a change and it’s time to get rid of him.


Question 1: Hell no. Gundy is the best coach in OSU history. He’s been great for the program & it’s currently a top 25 program……but reaching the level you mentioned (blueblood status) doesn’t happen overnight. Despite what a couple people on this site would lead you to believe, it also requires Nat Titles. MULTIPLE. OSU needs to worry about winning multiple Conf titles under Gundy first. Gundy would need to get on a SERIOUS HEATER for the next decade to start approaching that conversation.

#2: An argument could be made that Covid helped the Cowboys more than any program in the country. It gained a year for some guys & they made a run all the way to the Fiesta Bowl out of it. The Cowboys lose a bunch of players from this squad & my guess is Sanders is gone too. Next year could be very, very interesting in Stillwater. I can honestly see a scenario in which OSU dominates the new Conf. I can also see a scenario in which OSU is in serious trouble going fwd. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how the moves affect both in-state schools going fwd.

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Firing Mike Gundy would be the dumbest thing OSU could do. That guy IS OSU football. You say the program is bigger than he is…….but is it? That’s an honest question


It would not be the dumbest thing OSU could do. At this point with where OSU is as a program, there are a lot of coaches out there that would like to come in a coach here. Oh and to your dumb comment, yes absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt & it’s not even a question, yes the program is bigger than Gundy & if you even question that then you don’t understand football.

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You did say one thing that was true, a bunch of guys would come here. 64k question is can you guarantee firing gundy and hiring the next guy will make us better

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Dude what fantasy world are you living in? Gundy has been there for 18 seasons. EIGHTEEN SEASONS. when is this magical turn around happening? The guy hates recruiting. He absolutely hates it. He has openly said he doesn’t understand this new generation & that “5 stars don’t want to come to Stillwater”. Then the guy is 3-15 against OU. He pisses down his leg when he has to play them. Where does this new found dominance come from??? Who is going to be playing for OSU???

He has brought the program to where it’s at, that is awesome & he’s a legend. Now let’s pass the baton to someone who wants to come in & take it further. What Gundy has done is great, we have won a lot of games but he can’t beat OU, he can’t win the conference & he doesn’t recruit. Let’s let someone like Zac Robinson or whoever, come in & and elevate the program.

That is the million dollar question that does scare me as well but at this point I’m tired of losing to OU & I’m tired of not competing in the conference.