Record Book Reset: Where Spencer Sanders Ranks on Oklahoma State's Career Lists

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Sanders is hanging around the Top 5 in nearly every category.

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The INT’s are the telling stat. If he could ever figure out how to cut those down he’d be one of the better qb’s to ever come through OSU, but right now he basically averages an INT a game and that’s holding him and the team back.

His interceptions are killer. The article might make it look a bit better than it is because it’s going by years starting instead of games since he’s gone down multiple games his first 2 years and was out the first game this year.

It would be worse if they did interception per pass too.

Hey, how about a trigger warning before you post articles with Aso Pogi in them? (sits in a dry bathtub and cries)


Here is a comparison with Mason Rudolph, Brandon Weeden, Mike Gundy and Spencer Sanders.
TD to interception ratio MR 28.2% (92/26) BW 36% (75/27) MG 68.4% (57/39) SS 62% (50/31)
When you compare total yards passing vs total offense it’s a whole different story. Yards they ran for…
MR 28 yards, BW -150 yards, MG -201, SS 1572
Those are running yards over their career. Yes in the negative yardage. This is what a mobile QB can do for the team. I guess the next time Gundy complains about a turnover, maybe he should look in the mirror. I don’t have fumbles lost. That as well would be a good comparison.

Another stat that is interesting:
Sanders has 1,561 yards rushing. Only behind Brent Blackman 1,870
Zac Robinson 1,858
If Sanders rushes for 439, he would become the only Qb at OSU to ever hit 2,000 yards rushing in a career.

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You shorted him a yard. :slight_smile:

That goes to show you that statistics are just statistics. Throw them out the window.

Doesn’t Spencer have two more years of eligibility because of the Covid year?


How about these stats:
Gundy 0-4
Weeden 1-1
Rudolph 1-3
Sanders 1-2, did he play in bedlam his freshman year?

Spencer didn’t play in 2019 Bedlam, right? Wasn’t that the Dru Brown show?

I think you are right. So Sanders is 1-1 in Bedlam.

Rudolph would really be 1-2, as JW started 2015 game and Mason only played 3 snaps.

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Correct as well.

What if Sanders ended up being the best ever Bedlam QB? Don’t even know who is the guy now. Fields?

If he has to play a team with a solid defense more often than not he’s throwing 2-3 interceptions. He also seems to still take a little longer with his decisions. He would look a lot better to the naked eye if it weren’t for those. Then again he has to run for his life quite a bit because his OL hasn’t learned pass protection yet either.

Joey u act like u so smart. And ur the only one that can see flaws. Dude we know what is wrong with Sanders.
Then u compound stupidness with saying thing like I wish we could get a 4 star this and that.
Yo is rite hope that boynton can pull out to wins. We got to much time to listen to ur theories why the world is flat.

Robert, I don’t think Joe should assume you can see anything cause Gundy’s been telling everyone for years about getting outcoached but you never see it.

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