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If I (or anyone outside the PFB crew) hears things about recruiting, I figure it can go here.

Starting first:
Catrell Wallace (3-star LB target) has committed to Arkansas. Chalk up another missed opportunity.

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Jalen Logan-Redding (3-star DE target) has committed to Mizzou. Not really a surprise, but the list of players we’ve been linked to is drying up quickly.

Thanks for posting this stuff. If I come across anything, I’ll do the same.

My pleasure. I know that sometimes updates slip between the cracks, so we want to know where we’re at with recruits.

One thing we’ve talked about that would be cool to have is a thread for each commit or big-time potential commit.


I’d be cool with that! I just opened this thread to keep people up to date as best I can. It’s not rumors and all that (keep those to PFB+) but concrete commits, etc. should be in the open.


I love it. Gives us an update without KB spending time writing, and us reading, a long recruiting article.

I figure that a quick ‘yes he’s here’ or ‘no he’s going somewhere else’ is the first thing on people’s minds. The why and implications are for the longer-form articles.

@kyleporterCBS so which recruits were at the game? I don’t have a subscription to the link you provided in daily bullets and can’t view their premium content.

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So is it safe to say people are a little more non-interested in Bryce Thompson, now, because he and Cade Cunningham are basically built the same?

Also, do we have a good shot of getting Mike Miles if Walker and Cunningham commit? I don’t want to risk losing Davonte Davis if that’s the case.

I think there are a few permutations here.

First, and ideal, is Cade-Bryce-Thor-Williams-Davis. That would be a top-3 class and insane.
Second, and more likely, is Cade-Walker-Thor-Williams-Davis. Just sub out Bryce for someone that CC is more comfortable with and it’s still a top-10 to top-15 class.
If Miles enters the equation, it’s because we want to make CC feel surrounded by people he can trust. If that’s the case, we could see Davis possibly drop, but that would be less than ideal. He seems very firm on OSU so far and he’s a legit player.
Worst case, Cade goes elsewhere, at which point we’re in for a tough time. I can still see Walker and Williams committing, but I don’t know about Thor there.

In terms of Thompson, I love that Boynton is still pushing to get him, but I get the sense that he’ll be in Carolina blue next year, which is why Walker got pulled in for an OV along with Cade this weekend. He’s not a huge amount behind and his familiarity with CC and serious desire to be a Cowboy may tip those scales, especially if the selling just isn’t quite what Thompson is buying.

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Yeah, I don’t want Davis dropping because Miles decides to commit. He is taller, handles the ball as well, if not better, can be used in a more diverse manner.

Plus, there’s a loyalty factor there. Davis could’ve dragged his recruitment out, but from the get-go was all in on OSU, and we need to reward that. I feel like it gets buried in the Cunningham-Thompson hysteria. Like…hey everyone…this guy has been committed to us for awhile now, and is pretty ■■■■ good.

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Agreed. I want him as a part of the team. That second permutation (if all ends up as we think) is the most likely and could be the strongest. If Miles is part of the deal for CC, though…well, that’s where things get tricky in terms of schollys.

We lose Laurent, Dizzy, Lindy, and Cam, with that one slot also open, which leaves five slots. Trey Reeves is also gone (as a senior) as is Hadlock (walk-on), but those are just positions, not scholarships. My best guess would be that if we need that sixth slot for Miles, Hidde Roessink is encouraged to go elsewhere since I legitimately can’t see anyone else leaving.

I’d recommend you read some articles on Memphis’s 2019 class, the one with James Wiseman and Precious Achiuwa.

In order to get the class they did, at least one guy had to transfer (Antwann Jones, remember him? Transferred to Creighton). Someone else transferred, but I can’t recall at the moment who it was.

By the way, I guess we should label each post with “Basketball” or “Football”.

What am I missing with the Miles-Davis trade?

I’m saying there could be some shuffling if it comes down to it, and we really want to land Cunningham. There could be a de-commitment, if it means we have to take in a package deal.

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Interesting when people compare if missing Cade is worse than Dax. To me when you miss on a Culture altering player in basketball you have another chance year after year. In football if you can land one you get them for a guaranteed 3 years. Whether they’re the #1 player or #1000. In basketball the top guys are usually gone after one season if they come to college. So for me, I would have rather had Dax. Just me tho…

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Got a 2022 OL today. Don’t know much about him, but getting one early is a good sign.

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There we see the de-commitment.

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