Recruiting Roundup: Oklahoma State Sends Out Future Offers, Hosting Visits This Weekend

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OSU is hosting this weekend and sent out some offers recently.

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The main question is how many will can we get?

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Why use a scholarship on another WR? We need big boys.


I like Colton Vasek kid

Any way we can offer some offensive lineman?

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I may be wrong, but check the incoming roster and last year’s incoming. A fair share of 300+ pounders (2-3 at 330/6’7"or better).

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We do have some guys but I’m not so sure they’re ready yet. We are losing a bunch of linemen with some experience and our line hasn’t exactly been great. We need some guys to plug in right now in my opinion. If we’re gonna grab another WR for 22 he needs to be really ■■■■ good because we’re pretty stacked in that position. I am worried about the OLine.

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You are probably right, as many of these are freshman last year. I counted 16 or more OL/DL in the 6’4" and up with weight of 290-330. So, with development perhaps …

Have we got a kicker coming in or one already on campus, that position needs shored up in the worst way

The natl title game was very indicative of the value of ‘big boys’ with talent. The NIL has all current players and prospects exploring their options. It would seem that if you can’t get the talent level you truly need at linemen, best available players are the next best option for scholarship limits. …yeah, that does sound like recruiting is now using the same reasoning as the nfl draft… sad, huh?? :frowning_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: GO POKES!!

We need talented BIGS!


So far we got all of our kickers coming back. We are losing the long snapper hope the back up is good he is small.

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I think he is coming. Yes we got plenty will lose some next year. But he will help our rankings which Joey will like.

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How many transfers have we gained through the portal?

What development? We’ve haven’t been able to develop a real solid OL since Wickline left. After Wickline’s departure we’re currently on our fourth OL coach. Dickey will be entering his fourth season this coming fall.

The only thing we’ve proven is we can get by with patched together offensive lines as long as we have a talented HB (See the 2019 and 2021 seasons for example). I think some of it has to do with us playing offense at a slower pace than we used to as well.

Did you notice how a mobile QB and hurry up offense makes our OL look better than they actually are? I did too. Go with an offensive identity and stick with it. Feels like the offense has been a test subject since the beginning of the 2019 season. In other words “Do what you do best”. Screwing around on offense is what caused us to waste an extremely good defense and get us our only two losses on the season.

Read this post. It full of maybe should be’s. U dnt have any idea what ur talking about.
What I want to know in the big 12 how had a good offensive line. See if u know any thing.

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When Wickline was here we had three offensive tackles drafted from 2005-2013. Our highest draft pick at that position was Okung at #6.

Since Wickline has left we’ve had one offensive tackle drafted from 2014-2021. Our highest draft pick at that position was Jenkins at #39.

So….do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

Well give dickey 8 years. First moron. What next year is his 4th year.

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I thought our kicker at the end of the year was a grad transfer Robert. ? Is the other one gonna stay if he gets his head straight ?

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I thought tanner was two and he may have been but just like Sills he has a year left. And if hale stay he could kick 2 years from now. I think Hutton has 2 years left. It should just be our long snapper to worry about. I think the starter has to go.

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