Redshirt Freshman Monroe Mills Enters Transfer Portal, per Report

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Another Cowboy has entered the portal.

Good luck

Thats to bad it’s hard to keep guys when u get older guys coming in.

Let’s give every scholarship to OL and DL next year :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Here comes the offensive line woes before the next season begins. We may really have no choice but to run air raid and Zac Robinson style offense next year. Truthfully with Sanders I would enjoy that.

How is one of our weakest positions always seeming to have transfers out?


Spencer would enjoy it even more. Haha! Now, it might give Gundy and Dunn a few sleepless nights, but it will be much worse for the defensive coordinators in conference.

I’m getting sick of the excuses for the OL. We’ve recruited a bunch of them the last couple of years and we even get in some from the transfer portal. I refuse to believe injuries and depth can’t be fixed going forward.

Then u know how we feel hearing u cry all day long.

You’re the one that’s complained about the offensive line the last couple of years. If anything you should be agreeing with me.

My deal was about execution because they were inexperienced. When we lose lower guys that means we are getting better. At worst we get a scholarship freed up to get better. U just look at there not good enough for u. I see their getting better.

You complained about it last year because of inexperience. These same dudes come in this year and the running game looks abysmal unless Warren or Sanders are running it. There aren’t any excuses left Robert.

They were the same guys with the injuries. They got moved around. But u believe what u want u always do.

Considering all of the injuries to the O line yet Mills almost never played, he probably was not good enough in the first place. So his departure means nothing. I hope that Etienne improves enough to be able to play next season, we need someone that size. I would not be surprised to see some of our receivers enter the portal pretty soon, a few of them at least. I do like the idea of bringing back the air raid offense but not sure if Sanders has the skills for that or not.

I feel like we have an identity crisis on offense. We can’t figure out if we want to play fast or grind it out. Seems to me Gundy wants to be able to do both. I don’t have a problem with that so to speak, but we don’t have the offensive line or depth at that position to do this (yet anyways). In order to do that you have to be really good in the trenches.

If Sanders would check down more, take better care of the ball, and time his throws a little better those three things will help him immensely. I feel like he plays better in the hurry up offense. We’ve all seen what happens when you don’t use Sanders legs and average running backs in the Big 12 CG.

I’m not taking a shot at you but I’ve re-watched a lot of these games for this season so far, I got a few more to watch. All my years watching the last couple of seasons the pass blocking has been down. When Cornelius was playing quarterback he proved we can win games with a average quarterback. If we would of had the defense we have now we would had won a few more of those games. Just a question but do you think if Shane was playing QB that we still go 12-2 with the pro style of offense this year?

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If we keep a healthy Warren all year long and implement a hurry up and quick passing offense then maybe. One of our biggest problems with the offensive line this season was sealing off the edge defender in pass protection.

Then again I don’t know how good Illingworth’s short passing game is because he rarely gets on the field. I think it’s a combination of both Sanders taking too long in the pocket to make a decision, and the offensive line not being able to seal off the edge. Plus it was obvious depth on the OL was a problem as well.

Shane has played has gotten some reps in a tulsa, ou, missouri state, and some other games. Mostly the year Sanders was dinged up a lot. The Missouri State one was the most disappointing to me. If our line was better this year enough for the pro style and Sanders struggled with a healthy line I would had been in favor of moving on from him. The defense was a huge factor this year and thank goodness for it.

I know it seems like I back Sanders a lot but I’m a huge fan of RPO mixed with some air raid. Use the pass game to open the run up. I think our best offensive line was the years when weeden was here and then second when cornelius was here. I honestly just believe with the line that we have the talent, athleticism, and size the rpo/air raid really suits us the best. I don’t have any college experience but just playing the level I’ve played and minor coaching I believe it’s best for our offense till we have the personnel to run what Gundy really wants.