Redshirt Tracker: Braylin Presley, Stephon Johnson 'Gonna Play'

Originally published at: Redshirt Tracker: Braylin Presley, Stephon Johnson 'Gonna Play' | Pistols Firing

Kasey Dunn knows how to use freshmen receivers.

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Got to (try to) get the ball to Braylin in space at least a couple of times per game.


Does there happen to be a reason why some of the guys listed didn’t get to play against APB?

I want to see a Pressley go deep down one sideline while the other Pressley goes deep down the opposite sideline. I also want to see both of them involved in a crossing pattern play. Some razzle dazzle.

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Not going to get any significant playing time while burning a year of eligibility🤷‍♂️ Happens all the time here.

Speaking of the young guys, are we expecting any more commits this cycle? The recruiting has just gone silent. Are we short on scholarships? Are we expecting to hit the portal hard this year? What are the uncommitted kids waiting for?!

We are short on scholarships. We have like 7 that have to leave this year. A couple of them have freed up.

Their are a few guys still out there were in the running.
Alot guys just go thur the whole recruiting. You got Randells that has done nothing on recruiting.

We will have to see how many goes to portal to see what happens.

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Why didn’t you leave with joe? Scared to make a bet and have to leave like him?

I tried to make bets earlier in the year but no takers then but now your going to run your mouth lol ok buddy.


Your funny, make your bet vagina

I guess he does kind of have a point if he did make a bet.

Lol what bet did he make?

Make one now

You are talking about Joes brother right. ? He hasn’t taken visits or hasn’t done anything this year ?

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No i was talking to tayj. But yea we will see jeff less and less

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Well we are one game into conference play. Kind of early to be claiming that to be the fact regarding Braylin and company.

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These giys kill me. How many freshman do they think should play.

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I assume he was talking about Joseph Randal’s relative. It should say on his 247 page if he has taken any visits. I haven’t looked.

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What game did Rangel play in?