Report: Big 12 Considering Adding BYU in Potential Expansion

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Could the Big 12 add the Cougars?

Since expansion is the plan, this would make sense.

I saw this posted on Twitter by a San Diego State fan. Won’t happen and I don’t think it would be practical, but I kinda like the aggressiveness of it.

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I think this is a no brainer. I kind of like the above pod alignment as well.

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No T-Shirt Fans League. I am 100% down.

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So who’s consistently been saying to add BYU to this league???

If that happens, everyone east of the Mississippi better make sure their DVR’s are in good working order…

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You. And you have also been consistently saying they need to fire Gundy. I figure you are batting 500 at best.


I’ve always thought expansion had to start with BYU. If they’re on board I say grab Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, and UCF. That’s 14 teams in the big 12 a solid football conference definitely the 5th best and maybe the toughest basketball conference. Hopefully you can get a tv deal in the 25/ school range and then when the playoffs expand hopefully your conference champ gets an automatic bid. If this could happen it would be a 12 mil a year pay cut but as far as competing for championships nothing really changes and we probably have a better chance because OU is gone.

You guys pumped for a crap league? Every scenario is bad for osu unless osu goes to the sec. I’m a bigger basketball fan now then ever.


If you like being 4th or worse then you don’t have to. If you want to actually compete you might consider looking for someone new.

We have Iowa State, TCU, and Baylor still in the conference. All of whom have played for a Big 12 title. We are 3-6 against Baylor in the last nine tries, and 1-3 against TCU in the last four.

While we find ways to beat Iowa State that same team is also finding ways to beat OU and play for conference titles now (One would say they were traditionally only better than Kansas for the longest time).

While our chances could be considered “better” by some I would think Mike Gundy probably needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out how he’s going to get to a conference title game with TCU, Baylor, and Iowa State still in his way.

I would rather add Wyoming or Colorado State in the mix before UNLV.

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We are an sec school in sec country. Ultimately, this needs to be our goal.

I like this plan. We need to redefine the Big 12.

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Well this would beg to differ with your take. Also this guy and his channel is impressive. Everyone should watch to get a little perspective on reality.

Fair point. The reason he included UNLV was because of the Las Vegas market. How much of that market they could pull in remains to be seen, especially now that the Raiders are in Vegas.

Would love BYU Boise Houston and then UCF or UNLV. We’re going to have to do something when we have teams that are exciting. Let’s face it this is not a league of blue bloods. They’re gonna have to be fun games to watch. They can’t follow the traditional rules. We can’t just run wide receiver screens. If it is an exciting brand of football, people will watch it. I know a lot of people disagree but maybe we need to be the conference of a big Thursday night game. Instead of going up against the SEC on Saturday, put our best matchup on a Thursday night. As far as the money distribution goes, maybe it needs to be tiered. Determine this year’s distribution by viewership of last year. The big 12 was going to punk out and give extra shares to OU and Texas. They’ve already proven that we don’t have to have a democracyWhen it comes to revenue sharing. We have to do something. The most important thing that Oklahoma State can do, is to win. Go out over the next two years and have double digit wins with an exciting product. People will take notice. If no one asked you to the prom, go out and lose a few pounds, get your hair did, get your teeth fixed, put a little strut in that walk, and you just may be the next prom queen!


Everybody? Is that the guys name. I’m bad with names.

I like Kurtz, smart, articulate, insightful commentator. But the Big 12’s insecurity is embarrassing. We need to stop telling everyone how great we are. If the P4 doesn’t want us, fine, let’s move in. We come across as jilted lovers. Not a good look.

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He does have on the field points but…unfortunately it’s all about perception rather than on the field play and also brand names. Yes osu would be better for going to the pac12 for on the field football and have more pull for getting chosen for a playoff team than going to the AAC or staying in a water down big12 but your playing along ways from home and bad kick off times. Let’s hope when this is all said and done by some miracle we somehow wind up in the sec because weird things could still happen. No sec then it’s pretty much a bust.