Report: Big 12 in Talks to Split into Two Seven-Team Divisions Before OU, Texas Leave

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Break the maps back out.

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Divisions are lame. Do away with them.

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Would be nice to have one division of Oklahoma/Texas teams and all the other states in the other division. Would have to throw OU or UT in the other division until they leave.

Too easy. Put OSU in North Division and then move Pokes to South Division when Cain & Abel leave.


I don’t know how I feel about being in a division with Iowa State and Cincinnati. I guess it gives us a better chance of going to the Big 12 title game than being stuck in the same division with a team we’re 3-14 against.

I’d go East-West and make zerOU, Poor Bevo, and UH be part of the East along w/ the obvious “easterners”. Can always reshuffle one team to the east after the two doofuses leave.

You do realize, I hope, that it will be impossible to play round-robin w/ 14 teams, LOL.

Doesn’t have to be round robin but divisions are lame.

Put them in a division with all the new guys:
Give those teams a shot at them before they leave.


Division A: Cincy, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, UCF, West Virginia
Division B: Baylor, BYU, Houston, Oklahoma, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech
Once OU and Texas leave, move OSU to the other division.

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It has to be taken into consideration the travel hardship and expenses on the schools as well. That would half to be at the top of the conversation. imho

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Joe, are you going to the game tomorrow?

Dam straight!!! Gonna get that 10th win tomorrow night!!!

U do know with cade we couldn’t beat them last year.
Just saying I know u like these kind of observations.

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You do know we beat Baylor without Cade this year, right?

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I hope the new division making gives Bowlsby a really bad headache. Make him earn his inflated salary.

Bowlsby should have been booted long ago. He’s made so many ***k ups catering to the Horns and goons

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Sure run a round it

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Is it not true?

The topic was tcu. When u dnt have an answer u change the subject.
So the point is what does it matter about Baylor when we play tcu.

Basketball ball is more about match ups. Of course Baylor had 2 guys out. That’s another thing u like pointing out.

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