Report: Dezmon Jackson Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

There is a reason Warren started from the Boise State game all the way up until he got injured. Because his vision, cuts, elusiveness, bursts, and ability to break tackles was far better than the other two.

You can mask the deficiencies of an OL with a player like that. Warren is a different type of player than Richardson and Jackson. I’m not going to say Richardson and Jackson are bad players, but it was obvious that our run sets, and offensive lines inability to push forward is not meant for North and South runners.

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:arrow_up: this right here!! Trying to run the same exact offense with different style runners. A recipe for disaster indeed.

Joey they got the details for Gundy’s contract. Alot of good news he makes more money. It’s a 5 year roll over. His buyout went up. He is set to never leave. I thought u would be happy hearing it from me first.


Doesn’t matter to me if he stays or not. Eventually, people will get tired of six wins and zero championships being the barometer for contract extensions. Of course, it’s taking a little longer than expected, but it will happen.

Rite thats all u talk about is gundy. If it doesn’t really matter to u then u should have no problem not talking or inferring about gundy. See how that works out.

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There isn’t any written rule that says I can’t talk about Gundy. This isn’t North Korea or the old USSR here Roberto. I’m aware of the fact that he’ll probably be here a while. That doesn’t mean I can’t say he’s overrated.

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Lifetime contract is what I heard :flushed: never has to leave till he quits or dies, whichever is first :rofl:

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So what if he runs a couple of 4-8 seasons then?

He’s still here according to administration Joey

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Joey how could gundy make a 6 and 6 team into a 4 and 8

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It’s just common sense. If ur not a Karen. OH yea u are.

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Ask Fat Pat.

Many women say that….

At the same time if our defense does the the same thing to another offense then it’s all credit to Malcolm Rodriguez and Jim Knowles……?

Gundy has only hasn’t had a six wins in his first season …? Sometimes it’s funny to listen to your noise.

Why pat couldn’t win with out gundy

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What are you talking about? I’m talking about over the next 5 years or so. If he did pull a 4-8 a time or two do you not think anyone would be upset with him? The reason I said six wins is because it’s obvious that’s what our administration’s expectations are. Let me ask you a question. How many wins did Gundy have this season when they decided to extend his contract?

4 wins in his first season coupled with a few 6-6 seasons afterwards. I’m not saying the guy will go 4-8. I’m just saying if he were to do that a couple of times within the next 5 years is anyone here going to tell me they wouldn’t be upset with the guy or act like it’s not a big deal? I mean…even Pat Jones says we should be past this point already. What is it? Are we still stuck in 2006 or something? Just make sure you get to six wins and you can stay here forever?

More important. Ask ur self how many loses did he have when he was smartly offered his contract.
Using pat to prove any point is pointless from u. U dnt like pat.
Every team has had down years in this league even ou.
Riley could have easily had a 4 and 8 year. But, his players won’t let him coach them to a 4 and 8 year.
So " IF" gundy coaches us to a 4 and 8 year then we would talk about it. Until then we are happy with this year’s 6 and 6 team.

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