Report: Jayden Jernigan Plans to Enter the NCAA's Transfer Portal

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Another Cowboy is eyeing the transfer market.

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Well that sucks.


Really liked the way Jernigan played. Hate to lose him!


I dnt understand either. We do have clay and Kelly that should step in.

Both these guys had bad injuries
Whish the luck.
But this let’s us go get guys to fill holes.
Hunter lost his starter spot.
So both feel they will not start which is a good sign both good players for us.
We are losing kicker and ls
Rb line receiver Lb cb so we will see.

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We got to see how many super seniors r coming back.

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Poke report was making it sound like he was playing the field. Well alot of schools will want him. Mite be looking for a nil deal.
They also think every one else is coming back on the front. Except they do not know what Evers is doing

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Guess he wasn’t part of the culture.

Really good player

I thought three stars couldn’t compete at this level?

There are a lot that play good.

Oh well that’s good that you know that lol

That would be dumb to say.

Y’all say it constantly lol I bet you bitched when he first signed because He didn’t have 4 stars next to his name I bet you don’t even remember what class he was

We all know how this works. You get paid 5 million dollars to win and at the highest level or why play the game right🤷‍♂️. It just seems like osu is the Salvation Army of football teams you know like the good guys that don’t higher coaches in the middle of the season because we don’t believe in that and we don’t poach kids or we like to give our coaches time away to spend with their family or do anything bad kinda organization. As much as I value that mindset, it just doesn’t equate into championships and winning at the highest level. If you don’t cheat then you get cheated on. I guess you have to pick a side. If you can’t beat’em then join’em or is it if you don’t join them then you can’t beat them. Gundy basically told the administration to pick a side.

So you want to cheat in order to win ?

No your right I didn’t. 4 star names stick in my mind more and I think that is speaking for everybody.

I mean do you want to win championships?

Lol not for everyone buddy

I I guess

Not if it means teaching 18 year olds they can get away with whatever they want and get what they want. There’s a lot more to sports than just winning, if half of y’all actually played sports at anytime you’d know that