Report: Oklahoma State Fires Mike Boynton after Seven Seasons

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Boynton went 119-109 in seven seasons at OSU.

Thank god

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Good job Chad. Thank you for making the correct move. Now comes the question: who’s next up?

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Not going to celebrate anyone losing their job, but this was the right decision. It’s time to turn the page and right the ship.
I wish Boynton nothing but the best going forward.


About time

I was disappointed when he blamed nil money. We lost guys that want out. Pacific tcu unlv maybe tosu.
I like to blame mike for this. The guy was here 7 years and no one out the program tell him he need an offensive set. No players improved. I will give him credit he improved on taking time outs. You cant throw up 20 plus 3’s when you shoot under 33.


I’m glad we made the right decision to move on. Coach Boyton is a great man and recruiter, but I feel a Div 1 team this big was too big for his first gig. I wish him the best, but we need to find a coach that will give us an identity. I would prefer someone that knows the “Cowboy Way”: hard-nose defensive and rebounding minded team that teams are scared to grind with. I want to see people diving on the floor (Marcus Smart) and losing teeth (Scott Pierce).


So I had been in the fire Boynton camp as well, mainly due to the lack of player improvement (as you pointed out). However, after reading that the NIL budget this past year was $500,000, and Cisse got paid $375,000 by Ole Miss, Anderson received $200,000 from TCU, and Tyreek Smith and Kalib Boone each received $175,000, it’s obvious to me that it doesn’t matter who our coach is if the NIL budget remains at $500,000. It sucks, but this is the new college sports environment. When I read that Boynton offered to convert $1 million of his salary to NIL funds, but was not allowed as it’s agains NCAA regulations, I decided we should save the $8 million and keep Boynton.


He didn’t win when those guys were on our roster so NIL is irrelevant. They took a chance on a guy with no head coaching experience and it’s been a complete failure. Only success is when he hired the brother of the number one player in the country. He couldn’t develop and played guys like likekele that shouldn’t have been playing as much.

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I agree with the decision. I wish it could have worked out. Boynton is a man of good character. I hope to see him do great things in the future, and I’m sure he will.


How much head coaching experience did Gundy have when he was hired?

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If NIL is the reason we can’t compete, why is our NIL budget so much less than schools like ISU, KSU, or Tech? I assume those schools must be paying more than we do given they are competitive, year-in and year-out. And I know their overall AD budgets are much less than OSU’s. So where’s the disconnect.

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That’s a good question. Maybe the majority of the NIL funds are directed to football? Or, due to the overall poor performance of the basketball program for the past 15 years, donors are directing their money be applied to sports other than men’s basketball?

I’m not saying he’s a premier coach - far from it. However, he is a very strong recruiter.
If Boone and Tyreek Smith were on this year’s team instead of say Marsh and Miranda, I think this team would have made the NCAA tournament.

If thoseNIL numbers are true, then OSU MBB has a very steep climb ahead. OSU is on the hook for 8M and still need to hire a Head Coach. I guess Chad fired him before April 1, so ax to get the word out and start the interview process, but it sure seems like that 1.4M would have come in handy for NiL.

Gundy didn’t have any head coaching experience prior to OSU. You can google it.

I’ll be in the minority and say I don’t love this decision for the program or athletic department.
It’s certainly warranted based on results, and I don’t fault Chad.
I just would have liked to see if he could’ve retained this team and grow them for next season. Stability in the form of NCAA sanctions and lack of player retention (which he blamed on NIL) have worked against him tremendously and not necessarily been his fault.
But more than that I just think the buyout is too big. Paying that buyout has put other sports in a very vulnerable position. I would’ve rather given Boynton one more season and dumped the “saved” buyout money into softball, wrestling, golf, tennis, cross country, etc.

  1. Same as John Smith when he was hired. Same as Mike Holder when he took over the golf program. I’m sick of the no head coaching experience excuse. Either you can coach or you can’t. Bring Doug home.
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I’m guessing that several influencial people indicated they wouldn’t be funding any NIL efforts until a new coach was in place.


I think you’re correct on the very steep climb statement.

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