Report: Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC Talking Alliance, Leaving Out Big 12

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This seems not ideal for the Big 12.

This isn’t good.

At first glance it felt like a gut shot but none of what is reported would negate conferences from adding teams. I think it is a smart immediate message to the SEC. They Should do this. But I don’t think it’s the end of the road.
If you say it’s wishful thinking on my part I would understand your sentiment. I just didn’t read it that way it is ALL unsettling.
Go Cowboys!

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I agree this wouldn’t mean those 3 conferences couldn’t poach the remaining Big12 schools.

I think it’s just a political rattling of the swords.
We know they are not going to play ever body in each league that 2 power 5 games.
It’s main to out vote sec on everything. Like the expanded playoffs. There is alot of money to be got with expanded.playoffs. sec will want to get as many into the playoffs. And any other things the sec wants.

What if they split the rest of the Big 12 teams between the three and then make a pact that none of them play an SEC team? I know this is a fantasy but that would be awesome.

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Looking glass half empty: oSu the best/ first team to get screwed
Looking glass half full: oSu top school in demand, goes to highest bidder, best suitor, we can pick which way we want to go!

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“I think we’re in a great position,” Gundy said Thursday. “We’ve been Top 10 in the country in the last decade. We got a ton of views across the country.”

  • You can’t get any other conference to take you seriously

  • You are 1-8 against your biggest rival since 2011

  • You haven’t won any major bowl games since 2011

  • You’ve gotten a lot of negative attention on national television with the OAN debacle

  • You lost on national television to Central Michigan in which that game is now considered one of the best college football finishes of all time

  • You have one 2nd place finish in the last nine seasons

  • You have no conference titles the past nine seasons

  • You have no conference title appearances in the past four seasons

  • The last first round draft pick was eight seasons ago

  • Your consistently playing down to the level of the competition instead of just going for the throat

  • You have a current problem of barely getting by average teams

  • Your coaching not to lose mentality has gotten worse almost every single season

  • You called the fans on Twitter dumb rednecks waiting for their next welfare check

  • You tell fans and the media (both local and national) that being average is a really good thing

My point is that people don’t just look at your wins. They look at the entire body of work. This isn’t good at all for OSU and Mike Gundy must be one of the most gullible people on the planet to believe OSU is in a good position.


Joe I did a quick search scan which is always fast enough to find a lie. In ten years we have had a title and were the 2nd team 2 more times.

U put out toxic stuff just for ur hate gundy. I see u and ar0 r trying hard. Which I have no idea why. The r not firing gundy go thur this alignment stuff. So just stop it.

I wish you would contact the conference and let them know because they don’t know they are supposed to skew everything in Gundy’s favor.

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We go though this ever time. U just like to cause disorder. U know u can’t make real issue so u make things up. Hoping no one will catch u.
Every knows we tied tcu and west Virginia for second and both year we beat those teams. That makes us 2nd no matter what that worthless big 12 sites places us. So end it

  1. I said in the last 9 seasons not the last 10 seasons.

  2. According to the Big12sports website we’ve gotten 2nd place one time

  3. Did you even read what I said? Or did you just blindly reply?

Looks like you need to do a better job at research. Maybe you misspelled and you got the wrong search result.

Joey u say the same chit every time. If u r referring to the year we tied tcu. We beat tcu. They put us ahead because their overall record was better.
If we had a title game OSU would have went.

Except the problem is we didn’t have a better record than them and they won a major bowl game and we didn’t.

That’s like saying “Hey we beat Iowa State!!!” even though they played for a conference title, won a major bowl game, and finished in the top 10.

If you have a problem with the result then call the people that control the website. I’m not the one that makes that determination.

Again….the same chit from you every single time. Everything is always someone else’s fault and the coach is to not be blamed under any circumstances.

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We still got 2nd so u waste time. Bowls are invites. Has nothing to do with placement. The better bowls invite how they think they want.

Yeah your right. They always invite the teams OSU seem to beat because they want people to actually watch an exciting game instead of watching Gundy coach his team to a blowout in national television.

It’s is weird that the pick chit teams over us but they do. I know what sarcasm is. Ur whole purpose to be on this site is to waylay gundy. So by far a bad osu fan.

It’s not weird. That’s because they know Gary Patterson and Matt Campbell will give the audience a better show than just punting the football in enemy territory and running it three straight times to the middle of the field to set up for a field goal.

No….your a bad OSU fan for not calling Gundy’s bluff and being convinced that average is what’s best for the football program.

First we draw more :eye:. Second we have finish 2 or better 3 out of 10 years. Which 1 every 3(and abit) years. That’s what u want last one was 5 years ago. What happens if we make it this year. He would be well above what u want. Third ur a moron.
Please come up with new stuff to cry about. It’s fun making fun of obsessed people. It’s just a lil stale.

I want him to make it!!! The problem is his finishes are dictated by him and not by fans.

  • We don’t get paid recruit for him

  • We don’t get paid to run plays for him

  • We don’t get paid to make decisions for him

When you refuse to adapt to change (recruit better, different playbook, play good players) then you only make it that much harder on yourself to make it to a conference title game.

As long as Gundy continues to stick to his guns in the “it’s better to lose than to change” mentality then he’ll never see another conference title game or conference title the rest of his career.

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