Report: Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC Talking Alliance, Leaving Out Big 12

lmao You really are a clown.


None of that is anywhere near true. Sure I agree things like recruiting could be better. Just u think it should be more then r reach. Thats ur whole thing ur ideas are unrealistic. Some are just wrong.
Like the playbook. U can only run plays ur qb can run.
I’m with ur Sanders is over valued. But he could make that step this year.
It’s funny u will stick up for Sanders if it allows u to use against gundy. Keeping good coaches is important. Not come back with he runs them off. Osu is a spring board.
All ur points have a 10% validity. Not ur chicken lil approach.

Sweet. Still better then a goat roper who best attributes is shoveling horse chit.

AAC here we come LOL. When does basketball start? College football is in trouble all together. No structure.

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It’s called hierarchy

So you think having at least one top 25 class in over a decade is considered a reach? For a program you move to claim that’s been top 10 in wins over the past decade?

So it’s unrealistic to change up the offense and induce a few newer plays? It’s unrealistic for Oklahoma State to get a top 25 recruiting class?

I stick up for Sanders because his coach has refused to put him in a position to be better. I can agree to a point Sanders has things he needs to fix, but asking a QB (no matter who it is) to be better when the coach gives him slow progression plays, a bad OL, and very few options in the playbook combined with never throwing over the middle seems a little over the top.

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I’m not getting into a argument about the degree of better.
A TEAM can only handle so many bone head plays. When ur qb uses all of them its tuff to win.
We just need less bone head plays to go to the title game. I remember per Sanders days when everybody was doing bone head plays.
I’m going to say this one last time we had a top 11 offence in 2018. Scoring 38 points a game. A qb that red zone td was 75%. And the over all red red was a top 10.
U have a bad memory not gundy. His plays are one Sanders should be able to handle. This could be the year for Sanders. Then u will see the playbook slapping u in the face.
Ar0 do not come back with 9th or 3 and 6.
This is what I’m talking about ur chicken lil syndrome

@joe15 that top 11 offense he keeps bragging about scored 17 points against Texas Tech
Scored 12 points against K State
Scored 31 points against Baylor
Scored 24 points against TCU.

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Your right. When the coach keeps running the same thing over and over again it’s not like the players on offense can keep the opposing defense from figuring out what play they’re going to run.

The same offense that struggled to score against some of the worst defenses in the league that year.

The same QB that was incredibly inconsistent against the bad teams of the Big 12 that same year.

So instead of making the plays with faster execution let’s go ahead and continue with the incredibly slow progression plays behind a bad OL and hope Sanders has time to find an open man.

I’m not afraid of a playbook that gives the defense more time to get into position to stop a play.

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Dude I’m not reading this crap when u grow and say something at least new then maybe.

  1. You don’t want to read it because it will take you an hour.

  2. You know that what I stated is ultimately true

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Joey #1 is true because of all the laughing and cry.
First I would laugh thinking how stupidity runs rampid in society. Then I would cry knowing how stupidity runs rampid in society. Because of the content of my answer to 1 I know I will have spell out my answer to 2

They are setting up a big XII draft and will put it on national television. The three conferences will have a shark tank type show where all 8 remaining schools will give their best pitch on why they should be the best choice. Then they do a 2 round snake draft with the 2 schools left out going non power 5.


Hmmm…sounds a lot like Texas resume.
However, the OAN shirt and tweet might have gained him more fans than it cost him…

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I doubt it. Maybe in your world it does, but in reality this country is changing and it’s not going to be in favor of Gundy and his love for wearing an OAN shirt. It’s not 1975 anymore boomer. Better start getting with the times or your going to get left behind.

Yes u r rite let’s go with Mike leach who talked about lyching.

This attitude is exactly why our countries going to hell

You’re right. It is changing. People are getting fed up with shutting down, defunding the police, and socialism in general But at the end of the day, 50% will be for one thing and 50% against it. It’s sad! Our current form of government is broke. Career politicians padding theirs and their donors pockets, all while they play us against each other.
in closing, was easy to pick you out as the liberal, because you complain about everything. Nothing is ever good enough. Debbie Downer…

Joey has always been debbie, no matter what he talks about. Seattle should tell lots of people progressive programs are not always good.

These “WOKE” crowds are going to be the ones left behind when it’s all said and done.