Report: Pac-12 Commissioner Says League Will Make a Decision Whether To Expand in ‘Next Couple of Weeks’

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Conference reshuffling might not end with the three-conference alliance.

I saw those head lines and thought, this ain’t good.
The commissioner did address the failings of the pac 12. It still seems fast. Unless they are just going to say, “yes we are” or “no we are not”.

You’re right, Robert, this isn’t good news if you want the PAC 12 to expand. They aren’t expanding, and if we paid any attention to the western media outlets, we would know that there was never any interest on their end to expand. We’ve been drinking the Koolaid. We have nice athletic programs, sure, but we don’t fit their academic, cultural, or geographic profile. Most importantly, our addition dilutes their per team revenue share.

Our best bet is to unite and rebuild the Big 12.

Right now, the Big 12 is the laughing stock of college football, because we have every single member (last 8) applying for membership in every other power conference. The remaining 8’s desperation to join another conference is destroying the Big 12 brand. Every member of the Big 12 doesn’t want to be in the Big 12. It’s like Groucho Marx said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” The last 8 is Groucho Marx and the club is the Big 12.

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Yea and that explains why they don’t want any of the remaining 8, it’s all Gundy’s fault, lol

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Yea as I understand it the PAC12 has formed a committee to determine if they are going to expand and that they plan to announce their decision soon. My half empty glass of orange kool-aid says that they will come back and say “never mind, we’re good” Please let me be wrong.

I’m sure the President of Stanford is concerned about the length of Gundy’s mullet and worried that Gundy might kill himself catching rattlesnakes. :roll_eyes:

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Or that he might bring some rattlesnakes to school for show and tell lol

For 0ver 50 years oSu didn’t even make an attempt to be a big time player in the college football world. It wasn’t until this Century that oSu actually got it going. So we got a late start but that didn’t stop us Thanks to the foresight of Terry Don Phillips, Mike Holder and Boone. And the consistent coaching of Les Miles and Mike Gundy we wouldn’t even be talking about any Power-5 conferences.
People on this site have high expectations to get to the next level, and that’s a good thing. But tearing down the winningest Coach in School history: 15 Seasons in a Row and 15 Bowl Games is a feat almost as big as Bill Snyder (the greatest college coach ever).
So take a deep breath. We’ll get through this. We’ve got the resources and the history and the Leaders to back us up and move us forward to greater heights. And this season looks bright. Go Pokes!


Thank you, Tim. I agree, Gundy is a great coach.

Ok, you changed my mind, Gundy needs to go, even if he is “a Man!”

U do know that the defensive cor. for Colorado in that game was simmions. He hired gundy. So u do the math.

I dnt need to. Simmions did an interview about gundy drive him around.

When do u think simmions was here

Yes but he left for Baylor in '96.
May be u didn’t realize gundy was on the staff at osu before he went to Baylor for 5 or 6 years

Man you act like the B12 (remaining 8) are the only schools with problems, Without really knowing I doubt there aren’t many schools out there that don’t have problems in their past plus OU has a s%%t ton and it didn’t prevent them from going to the SEC. Really you’re barking up the wrong tree but keep doing what you are doing if it makes you feel better.

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Yep nothing wrong with watching what ever floats your boat plus with the current situation in the middle east I’m thinking that networks like OAN may be on to something regarding their reporting on the current administration, just saying

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I don’t really care what Gundy believes but it’s just stupid to wear something that has zero positive outcomes available. The only outcome of wearing that shirt was a negative one. Who wears a news station shirt anyways? You gotta be a clown to go outside your house wearing a CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. shirt without being employed by them. It just stirs the pot for no reason.

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What ever floats ur boat

I don’t know I call my self a dum#ss sometimes because sometimes I am. So I don’t see a problem with Gundy doing it. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.


Yes you do have to be a clown to wear a shirt of one of THOSE networks (they have proven it over the last 9 months). But everyone in this country has the 1st Amendment. (At least up til today)

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