Report: Pac-12 Commissioner Says League Will Make a Decision Whether To Expand in ‘Next Couple of Weeks’

First off have u ever been fishing.
Unlike u real people dnt wear Sunday best.
So if I get a free tee-shirt, that a good one to wear.
Unfortunately none of the news agencies are unbiased.
Personal u guys r making this out to be more then it is.

It’s been said before but he was fishing at Texoma. Fishing is an activity where you use the clothes that you care least about. Also that’s a location where no one cares what shirt you are wearing. Given what is going on in the world today it makes no sense to think wearing an OAN t-shirt matters one iota it just doesn’t. One can believe otherwise, no skin off my back, i just think it is silly that’s all.

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I like that the PAC has a short time table.

  1. It pushes other conferences to make a decision whether they want any Big 12 members.
  2. If no one is invited it will accelerate the Big 12 expansion. It’s better to add a couple of teams. AAC is not an option.
  3. Uncertainty will start hurting recruiting.
  4. If schools are picked up then it would more quickly end the Big 12 and move on.

PAC has the smallest TV revenue. If the want to complete they need more viewers and exposure. I think they add 2 or 4 schools.

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I’m well aware he has the right to do it but when you’re a public figure for the university you have got to think about these things. I don’t care to protest over it like half the football team but he’s gotta think about what he’s saying and doing.

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You don’t wear a suit and tie when fishing? No sh1t you don’t wear your Sunday best. Gundy is a public figure so he’s gotta think about these things. The dude could be in a satanic cult or something for all I care as long as it doesn’t leave his house.

What be like u and watch pathetic things come out of ur mouth

Am I a public figure for the university Robert? Or am I talking to the biggest moron on the website? It’s the latter.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if the PAC 12, B1G and ACC were playing some sick like 4d chess planning stuff that provided a path forward for the remaining 8 and held the promise of keeping college football and college athletics alive in the form that we all know and love. That will be awesome to say the least. However, I do know something about the B1G commissioner and he is an idiot so there is no 4d anything coming from him. Hopefully he is an outlier and the rest of the 3 conferences AD’s and Commissioners can pull something great out of their collective hats.

Yes sound like ur a moron

Whatever makes you sleep at night sweetheart.

Have you ever watched OAN? I never did until last year and then I watched it some to see for MYSELF what the fuss was all about. Guess what they weren’t being racist saying anything bad about black people or bad about any people based on color. They are simply a conservative news network that doesn’t agree with most of the lefts policies.

I would say it was a free shirt. I have shirts that you get at different conventions or say a farm show where they are giving away stuff and it’s nothing fancy it’s not a shirt you wear out but it’s free and they give it to you so if your working cows or fishing then yeah you throw it on and wear it.

For someone like you and I that’s perfectly fine. Neither of us are in the public eye. Gundy is and that’s where the problems lie. He’s a public figure for a public university he has gotta know better than to wear a shirt like that in 2021. I wish it wasn’t that way but it is.

That is an abomination

People keep saying it but you aren’t listening. Wearing an OAN t-shirt is not a crime civil or criminal. It’s not obscene, heinous, mean, etc. It could indicate ones political leanings but one can’t know unless you ask them, did you? The last I checked, for conservatives and liberals alike, this is a free country and we can do what we want. There is nothing wrong with watching OAN or wearing their t-shirt and those who want to suppress our freedoms to do so are not American in my book.

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It’s ironic how the left have already in acouple of years brain washed people into thinking that a conservative is deemed a racist LOL and if you associate with anything on the right you are racist. This was their goal from the very start when trump was elected. Remember when they said their were kkk members in the crowed supporting trump? How did they know they were kkk in the crowd? One thing is true still to this day and it is…you can never beat a race argument. I can flip anything you say to make you look racist in a race argument and this is one of the best tools to use and that’s why it will never never go away. Sad.

This is why young people that haven’t even been on this earth long enough to watch at least two presidents go through their term to get a inkling of an idea how politics work and how they use social issues for power but you got brainwashed 18 year olds talking about things they have no clue of.

No sh1t it’s not a crime the guy is free to do it but in 2021 people will cancel you over anything. He has to know that. Anything he does can be seen and posted. People on Twitter will freak out about it and cause a negative view towards OSU and our program. That’s why he has to know better. You or I wearing the shirt isn’t going to cause OSU football any issues. Gundy can think/do what he wants. He just has to keep it out of the public eye.

If he can legal wear the shirt he now needs to hire a cry baby consultant.
First Hubbard was the first cry baby and he admitted so.
Second it’s lil gurls like u who are crying now.
U know the difference between a conservative and a liberal. The conservative can trun the cheek. The liberal can stop themselves fast enough to cry cry :cry::sob::crying_cat_face:
Have u dug a big enough hole.

Roberto I vote red. I just don’t want OSU to be receiving a bunch of negative attention because the most visible person associated with the university hasn’t figured out what he can/can’t say or do without causing the university and football program problems.