Sam Houston Offensive Line Transfer Prince Pines Commits to Oklahoma State

Let’s see Baylor rose to power on the backs of women.
They have a brand new stadium not one that was repainted. There in the middle of the most recruiting ground in America. Waco is 3 times bigger. But just ignore that stuff.
Last year were say Baylor coaching. They had a good team that won 2 games. Isu had a great run. Then with a very talented team got 7 wins. Campbell had no major injuries or anything just couldn’t win the games.

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This I can actually live with here. Looks to me like the guy’s proven he might be able to play in a P5 conference. We’ll see how it transfers to this upcoming season.

I’m not upset about it.

All right. I’ll break it down for you since you’re a non-functioning imbecile:

OK, so this guy says he’s not going to stop paying Gundy’s salary because he always pays for whomever’s salary. Thereby, he incentivizes the administration to not make any changes since they have his money no matter what. He is actively supporting whatever they want to do. Cool.

OK, I agree. The last 12 years have been the best team we’ve ever had. Yay, Gundy? Makes sense you wouldn’t give up your seats if you enjoyed a terrible product and now we have a very good one. I’m on board. He also acknowledges that it is our best “chance”. Probabilities don’t guarantee success.

Obviously sarcasm, but it negates everything he said. He’s not happy with the best product we’ve ever had, and though our probabilities of success have never been higher, it hasn’t worked out for us and that upsets him. The Iowa State comment is nonsense, though, they certainly haven’t outperformed us in any way, shape, or form, twits. Now, far from refuting my life advice, he has enforced exactly why he should follow it. This whole post was pointless, hence my confusion.

So, let me put this in a different context for you, you gibbering nitwits:

I’m not going to stop eating at Gundy’s. I’ve eaten at Gundy’s Old Time Barbecue since back when it was called Jimmy’s. I’m not going to stop now that it’s been renovated and they hired a world class chef! However, it has given me food poisoning every time I’ve gone over the last 12 years even as some of the less acclaimed barbecue places have won major awards (even the one that didn’t). I’m going to keep eating there, paying full price, and complaining after they gave the chef who gave me food poisoning a raise.

Does it make sense now, you braying jackasses? Why your stupid comments make no logical sense to a sane person? Good. Now have your nurse feed you your tapioca, you absolute cheese-brained fools.


Quote of the year.


@jake4 @robert28 maybe y’all can tell me which way this "Baylor rape U " worked. Did better playing football players want to go to a university that they could get by with rape. And are all the better football players wanting that or? Does being a rapist make you a better football players?
Because somehow y’all think that behavior is connected with being a better football player.

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No, go back and explain your stupid comment first and explain why you’re still here.

No, you explain how that behavior gave Baylor a benefit on the football field.

Punishing those players for their felonies would’ve meant loss of talent on the field. Man, that was easy, now go answer for your stupid post, or better yet, just go away, which is what we both agree you should do.


So you go with better football player want to behave like that. Interesting.

No, in point of fact, their star players did act like that. It’s not some philosophical or sociological statement.

There could be a correlation in that many excellent athletes are conditioned to think the rules don’t apply to them because of their talent, but if that hypothesis isn’t true, Baylor still overlooked violent crime to win and covered it up.

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It’s not that hard. The same way OU was so good back in the day. You take any player that has talent regardless of any behavioral, moral, or academic issue. You cover up those issues and you keep these guys in your program. That is unlike Gundy who has higher standards for his athletes. Is that easy enough to understand?


Then how come Baylor was able to do it three times since 2013?

Why were they able to win a national championship in basketball and we can only manage a tournament appearance once ever 5 years


Yo with the truth bombs today.

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I guess for me it’s the fact that even without Briles. Rhule and Aranda have been able to rebuild that program without having to tell players they can rape whoever they want. Just strange to me how a team that was fighting with Kansas for the longest time not to end up last in the Big 12, has been able to rebuild twice after Briles.

Then you make the argument that Waco, is like…some awesome destination for good players. Have any of you ever been to Waco? It’s practically a place out in the middle of nowhere as well. Not to mention it’s still roughly 100 miles from Dallas and Austin each way.

To me it just sounds like pandering and any excuse to give Gundy as to why another program not named OU is outperforming him (as far as championships go). Oh well!!! At least we still have our pride in stability and can pretty much guarantee ourselves a trip to The Who-Gives-A-Chit bowl.


You mean like keeping a guy on the team that was being charged with felony assault?

How long as Scott Drew been there? Go take a look at what his first few years at Baylor looked like and then get back with me.

So it’s only because of Scott drew?

I’m sure he has good athletes as well, but he’s also been there since 2003. Just like Gundy, we’ve seen what Scott Drew can do over a long period of time. Go take a look at his first few years at Baylor. I’ll be waiting.

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