Schedule Preview: OSU Opens Big 12 Play against Rebounding Iowa State

I don’t think any bettered theirselves really. I did hate losing JP though but he’s facing stiff competition at the frogs. I never did like Muhammad as much as black. Wasn’t a big loss to me
Presley, Iowa kid , Bray , Shettron, Greene is back and none of them wanted to know what the offense would be :joy:

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A guru in Shangri La? I’ll take it. My 2 cents is worth just as much as yours. They’re just opinions. Take it easy.

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With all the guys leaving and coming in, is fine with me.
Like gundy said we know who wants to be here. If bowman comes in a plays smart we will be fine.

A lot of hype about the defense i hope it is merited

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Yep….that definitely sounds like the type of guys Dickey recruits. Can’t block anyone and almost no development after two seasons. Tell me why we’re paying Dickey $600,000 a year again?

Joy we pay him to get players ready so they can hit the portal and play for someone else you moron…. you don’t think he knew he had been recruited over … again you pick out one player to trash the whole OL

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Okay, so no retention plan at all. Got it.

I don’t have to pick just one player. Even when the line was relatively healthy we still couldn’t get to that 5.0 rush mark. It’s been average at best. He’s not that great. There are roughly 224 players drafted every season. Not a single one of his recruits has been drafted in any single round. He can’t recruit, retain, or develop. We need Josh Henson back asap. So I’ll ask the question again. Why are we paying him $600,000 a year for $hitty results?

You simply dnt understand retention.

You cant retain some one who knows they wount ever start. They can get nil and play at other school

This is why its had to talk to you. You have no logic at all.

Same on depth. Depth is 2 players. Whe your playing with 3rd string thats never good. We started the year with 10 lineman by the 4th game we had 7. 4 of those 7 played with serious injuries. Who are you replacing them with. That would be 3rd and 4th string

I know youll come back with so idiotic statement.

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Tell me Karnak, how did he get those at KS drafted, one in the first round I think. I’m thinking we averaged 5 yards a carry when Chuba was here. I’m sure you will correct it if wrong. You never will understand football will you joy … the goons have 4-5 stars on their line every year. Research it how many are busts, hit the portal
It’s useless trying to pound any point in your thick head anyway

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You simply don’t understand development. You’re not going to retain players who desire to get to the NFL, but have a coach that can’t get them to that level. Why do you think we’ve had lineman transfer or just straight up retire? We’ve only had one lineman drafted since Wickline left 10 years ago.They have little time to make that happen. It becomes a matter of wether they’re wasting their time or not.

They’ll be gone after 3-5 years while guys like Dickey will still be sticking around getting overpaid for average to below average results. There’s absolutely no benefit for the player whatsoever. You keep talking about NIL and playing time at other schools. I can agree that’s true to an extent, but it’s not the entire story for every player that decides to transfer out. The fact of the matter is that this is the new way we have to approach things with players now. So we can either take steps to do something about or just keep being content with six wins per year.

I’m not advocating that a player should just get away with whatever they want, but I’m advocating that you have to give them some kind of incentive to stick it out or come to OSU in the first place. So what are we offering to them in recruiting and retention to convince them it’s the best place for their development to get to the next level besides Rob Glass?

We did. Take into consideration also that Chuba was drafted and has the second most single season rushing yards in OSU history behind only the GOAT. I see where you decided to leave that part out of the equation. This is what happens when you have average to below average lines. You have to have an NFL caliber back toting the rock. DR was far from that last season and we don’t play the better option. Which one of those 2019 lineman were Dickey’s recruits again? You never will understand football Mikey.

I don’t care. I’m not asking to have an above average line. I’m just asking for average at this point so we can be better than 3.6 yards per rush :roll_eyes:.

Bill your just waste my time. I answered your questions, your just not smart enough to think about it.

Look, lineman we have lost have gone to school not as good as us and are known they had bad lines. None of the lineman left for nil. You can stop taking about that. Because of covid some of the kids mite never play. Your development thoughts are stupid. If you look at the 2 left tackle. You want the 2nd one for dicky to develop. Wouldnt the 1st develop too.

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But you told me we hadn’t had an average above 3.8 yards in over ten years Joy. You talk out both sides of your mouth. Chuba isn’t the GOAT not even close. Nice back but not elite. You don’t mention injuries do you. You think every kid is going to make it to the league? About 3% chance of it. You want incentives go see Weeden, he has a deal for them Now I’ve give you answers to your biotching.
Guys like you make kids think they all will be in the league. It’s not happening. I hate destroying your idea that you think you know football

Retention and injuries , that solves it all joy. Don’t start the same ole chit over and over again. Hopefully someone will sit down with you and explain it to you but you already think you know it all so it’s useless

You should make them motivated to work hard and get to that point. I don’t understand what’s wrong with that concept. Guys like me don’t make them think anything. If that’s where their heart’s desire is at, they’ll try to find a way to make it happen. Maybe showing them you have a track record that you can actually help develop, retain, and get them in the right direction for that path would be a great start. Unfortunately, under Dickey, that track record is nonexistent at OSU so far. It’s either watching the recruit decommit, player transfer, or retire due to personal reasons under Dickey’s leadership to date.

How many times do we have to tell you stop joy. Your problem is you live in the past too much Chit happens, players going to portal thinking they are stars , here’s a clue. The percentage that can go to the next level is very small. Kids need to be rational. Be the best you can here and see what happens. Stop with the bullshit every kid has a chance

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If a person can’t do their job then the past matters.

One lineman drafted since Wickline left in 2013. Since then, schools with lesser talent and prestige have been able to get more offensive line players drafted. Indiana, for example, has placed three offensive lineman in the draft since 2013.

Agreed, and we should be rational about the path the football program is going as well.

I don’t f****ng care about Indiana. , what have they done. Are they among the top ten in wins against top 25 teams ? Have they won the B1G lately
Go ahead, choose some individual stats from mostly losing teams.

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I’m just simply telling you that if you want this team to be able to run the ball effectively, especially if they have an average runner at best, then you might want to advocate for better results on the offensive line. If a program like Indiana is having better results at developing players at that position. Then what does that tell you about us?

How many times do I need to tell you I don’t give a F what Indiana is doing. Do they do that every year ? Every 5 years? Good OL are hard to find and especially when you have injuries. I’m not high on Dickey but he’s put guys in the league before, did he suddenly become a bad coach ? Don’t write back joy I’m not replying to your crying today anymore

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