SEC Votes 14-0 to Extend Invites to Oklahoma, Texas

Every time that u defend ur wannabe rite ideals makes u look more and more like poster gurl for a ou fan.
Just remember this 14-0 is the last time ou will see that kind of numbers. At least u do know ou will 8-5 alot.

From a money/recruiting/exposure perspective, it’s SEC. Every day. Twice on Sundays.

From a “compete for conference titles/make the playoff” perspective, it’s ANY other conference.

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I dnt see how being 3rd best in the west will help ou recruiting?

The same way it helps Auburn & LSU recruit as the 3rd best in the West. You continually say the most uninformed stuff bro

They already recruit like that so it wouldn’t help. Ur the one saying the real crap.
Only u see the difference between 14-0 and 11-3.
Both would do the same.
Did that mean everybody loves ou in the sec.
I think that’s how u took that vote. U one of those liberal gurls who wants to be loved. U know its bad to be a ou fan. But if u can get the 14 schools to like ou, it must be OK for u.

So OU and UT are now officially “departing members” of the Big 12. Fine and good, but there is on big glitch: those schools have contractually granted their Tier I and Tier II media rights to the Big 12 for the next four years. They have also agreed to forfeit their next two years of TV money to the remaining schools as liquidated damages for leaving the conference early. The Big 12 needs to calculate the future value of those revenue streams, discount them to a present value, and then negotiate buyouts with OU, UT, the SEC and whoever else wants to see those schools go to the SEC now. The dollar amounts are huge. Put that money in the bag, then negotiate realignment issues. This could conceivably happen in the next 60-90 days. Be smart and be patient!

I would probably go Big 10. I think the Big 10 isn’t going anywhere and although you wouldn’t get SEC money you’d still be well off and you would have the benefit of playing brand names like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and other good rated matchups against Michigan State and Wisconsin, but I think OSU would be way more competitive in the Big 10 then SEC. outside of Ohio State I think we could compete with the other teams.

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“They have also agreed to forfeit their next 2 years of TV money……”. Where do you get this info from? I don’t see how that could be the case before the Board of Regents at OU have even completed their discussions over the formalities.

The only thing thatd make me leery of going to the Big 10 is by seeing what’s happened to Nebraska. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it, but it’s not the slam dunk that it may seem. I actually think the path to greatest success for OSU football is thru the PAC 12

And the reason these extra get negotiated down is due to the TV contracts as well. These deals by the networks were made and signed with a 10 team league, that includes OU & Texas. Once those teams are gone, that deal is deemed as broken. Now, that doesn’t mean OU and Texas won’t have to pay up still. It’s just why these exits get negotiated down so much. Go look back at what Nebraska & Colorado were supposedly going to have to pay. Also look at what A&M and Mizzou ended up paying. They were about half of what the contract stated it’d be.

I’ve explained this before we had talks with those 4.
The faster we got them out the faster we get in new teams.
So now r only blue.bloods are leave, with no replacements. The is nothing to talk about. U can’t leave letting us hold the baby. Ur paying u have nothing to offer.
Any way if the 2 yahoos asked to come into the sec in 2025 there won’t be a big deal. We just play thur the contract.
I guess they never taught negotiation at ou business school. To negotiate both side have to have something the other side want. U 2 got :moneybag: that’s it. We have nothing u guys want. So actually if ou wants out early they need to pay more.
On thing I dnot understand is way sec wants to water down their conference by taking the 6th best team in the last decade.

The states of Texas and Oklahoma should either sue or defund them because of economic disaster.
The jobs lost will lose millions.
Give that money to the victims of outexasit.
These are universities of their states. Ou and Texas can make money solely for the purpose of sports is a crime to education and welfare of ther states.

Read the Bylaws. 3.2 addresses withdrawing members. Making application to join another conference and having that conference approve the application constitutes withdrawal. 3.4 addresses Buyout amount, all distributions that would have been made during last two years of membership, which is subject to the Grant of Rights Agreement which runs through 2025. I suspect the withdrawal and buyout issues with be formalized by vote of the 8 remaining directors today. OU Board of Regents have no involvement, unless they decide to renege on their President’s SEC application- which ain’t gonna happen.

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There is ZERO chance the buyout number gets formalized today. That’ll be months away before that gets settled. The OU Board of Regents haven’t even officially approved the move yet, so the buyout negotiations haven’t even remotely come close to starting. Much less being formalized today. The OU B.O.R. “say” will be done through their legal team. The buyout will be less than what the contract states, as are all of them. Go look at what West Virginia, A&M, Missouri, Colorado & Nebraska all ended up paying.

So you think OU & Texas joining the SEC are going to put the two states into economic disaster?

You think this move will result in the losses of jobs? How do you suppose jobs will be lost?

U still think there will be negotiations so I won’t be able to explain lose of jobs.
But get use to buy outs u will be getting a new coach every 4 year just like a&m does. Texas already has the hang of it. It’s not just those 2 the whole conference is replacing coaches all the time.

Remember, there was no Grant of Rights Agreement when CU, Nebraska and the others left. Huge difference. OU and Texas have signed a contract granting their media rights to the Big 12 Conference until 2025. This is why they have applied for membership in the SEC, effective 2025. The Big 12 still has 10 members, the 2021 TV schedule has been released and OU and UT games will be on TV, they simply won’t get paid at the end of the year. For OU and UT they are in that predicament until 2025, unless they bring their checkbooks and negotiate an early buyout. This is going to get complicated.

Yes job losses both direct and indirect are a very real possibility. Essentially all the potential lost revenue resulting from this event is going to result in lost jobs. Anyway there are plenty of discussions out there on the implications of OU/UT moving to the SEC upon the remaining 8 teams and the wider college football and college sports landscape. You should spend a little time finding some of them, reviewing what is said and deciding for yourself if they have merit or not.

Ok, the membership application date of 25 is strictly put because that’s when the the contract runs out.
“Unless they bring their checkbook and negotiate an early buyout”…….I mean no disrespect here……but that’s a very obvious statement. That’s what happens with everything when a contract agreement is broken. You negotiate a buyout. That’s business. OU & Texas WILL get out of this Conf before 25. And they will PAY LESS than what the contract penalties state they will. We can agree to disagree until then. Save this. Screenshot it. And one of us will come on here in 6-12 months when the buyout is finalized and say they were wrong (you😉)