Senile Pat Jones on the Sports Animal

Has anybody else heard the rant Pat Jones is going on about just now? It sounds pretty crazy to me, but he keeps saying that he’s in the know with the current situation & has inside information.

This is a general summarization (maybe someone can get the audio), but he’s essentially made these points:

  1. Holder is intentionally coming after Gundy & the football program in general because he’s jealous & has never been a “revenue motivated guy”.

  2. Several football staff members are actively looking to find work elsewhere.

  3. Karsten Creek is “an albatross around OSU’s neck” that has been bleeding money for years & was never needed in the first place.

  4. O’Brate Stadium & the new baseball facilities are a huge waste of money that was largely funded by emergency / rainy day funds. That again, was never needed in the first place (apparently Allie P. was sufficient to his standards of facilities?).

Is this as simple as a grumpy, old football coach who doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about any sports outside of the one he made his living in? I feel like his opinions are incredibly out of touch with the OSU fanbase. Certainly football has become king over the last decade or so, but I feel like most fans still care about other sports, ie: golf, baseball, wrestling, men’s basketball.

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Until any of his predictions come true, I’m just going to assume he’s full of it. Those last two about Karsten Creek and Obrate Stadium just seem like his opinions.

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I’m going to take a shot in the dark that there is some serious frustration that football received significant attention from on the terminations and cuts considering they are a revenue generator. I could see a divide becoming more visible between football and other sports/admin. That said, Pat Jones is crazy.


I’ve heard on here that Holder did have to use emergency funds to finish O’Brate. Regarding the football firings though, that may generate the revenue but isn’t it also the most expensive?

There is the story from the golfer he was coaching that wore an OSU football shirt and holder was a bit perturbed about it .

I’m not buying PJ take on it. We aren’t the only school that has had to make adjustments to our funds to make it another year. The baseball field was funded totally I thought, how was Karsten Creek an albatross ? It draws huge followings plus attracts the NCAA championships. Football is the money maker, it won’t be this year, but no one else will have it either… Pat is full of it !! Click bait

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Pat Jones…well, quite honestly, he never won a conference championship or even came close…and by and large Karsten hosted Oklahoma State’s last Natty in golf two years ago…Mike Holder and Mike Gundy have never been drinking buddies but I’d say they get along better than they used to. To add to that, O’Brate has been needed for over a decade! The fact that Holder pulled rainy day funds to finish it is irrelevant at this point. Let’s see…what else can I add? Oh, here it goes: Pat Jones is a crimson and cream boot-licker similar to Sam Mayes. One of the joys of living in Stilly: No Franchise, No Sports Animal. Nothing but Triple Play Sports for this boy!


Agreed the O’Brate stadium was needed to go for championships I think we will see a couple in the next few years with what Josh and his crew have assembled. Guess he will be biotching when John ever gets a state of the arts wrestling room, the program that has accounted for the majority of our NC… I hope it’s soon, they have been killing it in recruiting


I agree, I think Josh gets a Natty in the next 5 years. John may get one more in wrestling before he calls it quits. Maybe stay to see the new wrestling facilities completed. If Josh complains, I say he has every right. Just my opinion.

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I’m with you there too. I think John will stay until he thinks the program is in good hands. The recruiting has been lights out for two years ,don’t know who is responsible for the uptick but I’m liking it. John deserves a state of the arts room

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If I had to guess who is one of the few responsible for not having a statue built for our only Heisman Trophy winner, it would be Holder and I think that’s why Pat Jones has never liked him from what I have gathered from over the years. If he is responsible for it the rightfully so.

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PJ should be ‘put out to pasture’ for sure. His ‘self-proclaimed network of insider contacts’ went out of touch a long-time ago.

The only unexpected surprise about O’Brate Stadium was a ‘slight delay’ in receiving the funds from Mr O’Brate because there was a ‘delay’ in closing the sale of the energy assets Mr O’Brate was using to make the donation. To remain on schedule for the grand opening Holder had to borrow to get started …

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It’s been over 30 years since the greatest season a running back ever had, plus he is also the greatest RB college or pro we have seen. My opinion but I think most will agree with me on that. So why no statue of Barry ?
I would say Holder … why else would an AD not make an effort for it. Holder knows football pulls the wagon, I just don’t think he is fond of it


Statue(s) have been on the priority list of ‘capital projects’ for a # of years. It’s nothing more than matching the list with Donor(s) to fund.

Statues are lame.

Whatever … but it’s asinine not to have a statue of Barry, maybe Thurmond too

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I mean… million dollars for a hunk of metal shaped like a man… :man_shrugging:t2: Eh.

What if it peed water?

NOW we’re talking!

I’m thinking a Barry statue in the heisman pose (other pose suggestions accepted) with water coming out of this stiff arm hand like Ironman.