Senior DT Brendon Evers Returning to OSU in 2022

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Finally, some good news for OSU’s D-line.

One of the few that figured out he needs to up his draft stock. While Antwine who isn’t as good as Evers is declaring.

Any word on A defensive coach? Because it’s kind of hard to recruit with no coach. How long does it take to surf the web?

Since there is very little OSU sporting news to report, if Gundy found a DC by now it would be headlines on this blog. I hope Gundy continues to take his time so that it is a deep search. Remember, he also looks at Division 2 and less than relevant teams to search for gems. Watching the Under Armor high school future all-American game that seemed to have all 5 stars on the rosters and most going to Alabama and Texas A&M, no one was mentioned heading to OSU so I guess Pressley was not invited to the game.

This is going slow. We know of 2 staying for sure. Still a few yet to go.

I said this before they can declare and still come back.
As long they dnt get an agent

Another lineman just went in the portal so there’s some news. Not good news though. At the rate they’re leaving we might not even have a line next year.

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Yea we got a reciever kid from Edmond with his brother

Williams was asked if he was going to start next. Didn’t seem to positive. He and I’m sure most are leaving to start or try to.

Beat Notre Dame, inches from maybe being in CFP, ranked number 7 in the nation and have one of the best defenses in college yet it seems like guys from other schools now in the portal are not breaking down the door trying to play for OSU. Seems like it doesn’t matter much what kind of success you have if you are not one of the blue blood teams. Plenty of opportunities for these hot shots to become starters at OSU.

You would think he would be weary from hiring within. Because….you know….it’s worked so well with Dunn and Spencer so far.

That will be a big help in the middle.

Nothing scares me more than hiring from within. Dunn was a forced choice for sure, a real gamble that so far has not paid off. Let him have one more year and then give him his walking papers. I really have this feeling that Joe Bob will be the hire. With the defense getting weaker with each defection, that puts more pressure on Sanders and the offense to have to really improve. What is left of the defense will not be able to duplicate the magic of this past season.

It’s all about NIL money now. After the national championship Alabama had like 8 guys hit the portal. It’s just free agency with no regulations and whichever school has the most boosters willing to fork over cash is going to be loaded. This is what might actually bring Texas back to relevance, they’re just going to buy the best roster.

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I would say Joe Bob would have to be the odds on favorite at this point but the only thing that makes me question that is if that’s the move you’re going to make why not go ahead and announce it?

The cupboard is overflowing with receivers for some unknown reason.

A reason for not announcing the hire from within is because Gundy might want to make it look like he did a complete search all over the country before making his choice. When the truth is probably that he already decided to hire Joe Bob after the Notre Dame game. I would love to see him hire some unknown from a NAIA school who has the great stats at any level and turns out to be another genius like Knowles. Michigan must be really afraid once they heard that Knowles was going to Ohio State.

Breaking news from Pokes Report:
Gundy told Robert Allen that he is hiring DC from outside and will wait 7 days until the NFL cycle is complete before announcing. To me that means he is hiring a NFL DC, hopefully one that has not just been fired!

Sounds like good news hopefully they’re right.

And if that’s the case then we’re most likely screwed. Because I haven’t seen anything from our offensive line since 2013 that shows we can move the ball forward with an average running back.

If we can’t run the ball we get 3-4 interception Spencer Sanders for the game. Let’s face it….Sanders hasn’t been taught by anyone through four years so far how to be a QB at the level we need him to be. I seriously doubt he’s going to learn now.

We all know Gundy doesn’t have the balls to pull Sanders either. He’ll stick with him the entire game no matter how much he screws up in the game. Everyone wants to blame Sanders (and sometimes it’s warranted). We all seem to forget he has a HC and QB coach (Both who played on the collegiate level and one that was pro). I’ve already said what I needed to about the OL.

And this is why I wish T. Boone was still alive. Because we would be doing the same thing.