Spencer Sanders Explains Decision to Commit to Ole Miss, Leave OSU

After last weekend I’d guess the Dallas kicker.


So once your a grad you can transfer as many times as you want without sitting out as long as you have eligibility left…??


Yes sir

That’s a valid point. Well done sir

Regarding the one time transfer rule. Austin Stogner is transferring back from S Carolina. Now if he has a degree in hand then he’s a graduate transfer. I’m seeing too many guys jumping around to believe in the one time rule.

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Stogner is a grad transfer coming back to OU. One free move as an undergrad to play without penalty.

Since 2021 when Kiffin got to Ole Miss this is the ppg ranking:

2021: Ole Miss 29th OSU 31st

2022: Ole Miss 35th OSU 32nd

So yes, he does know more. The only people here that are brainless are the ones that are too lazy (or too stupid) to find this information, or haven’t been paying attention the last couple of years.

Are you that ignorant for that to tell you there is a big disparity in the offensives ? And these have been out down years. You totally skipped over Spencer didn’t want to leave Rattay , why do you try joy, why. Wasn’t a good response :joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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@bill18 is so sweet. Ole miss has 3 top 25 recruiting class out of four last years. With a young top notch offensive mind in their head coach. Were lucky to get into the 30’s. With a coach the kids hate. Bad line.

This difference got ole miss 2.5 spots higher

Brilliant joy

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And who’s fault does that belong to?

Well if your recruiting 10 spots higher then your offense can do, it the ole miss coaches fault. Your an idiot. I doubt your even trying to prove points any more.

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Brilliant joy just Brilliant :roll_eyes: have you always made chit up in your head ?

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Did Ole Miss struggle to hit the magic number of 20 this past season? Yep, I didn’t think so.

I didn’t make anything up. Go look for yourself.

That whole interview was nonsense. Pure CYA. That’s a guy who overplayed his hand and blew it and he now knows it. He’ll make a LOT less money and very possibly will warm the bench. He’ll be one of the poster children for the downside of the Portal.


Makes you think teams weren’t as interested as he thought. Then when it didn’t work out, the talk of wanting to come back started. That didn’t work out either so he was left with his current situation. I hope he does well. I like SS. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener.


@bill18 sure does love his stats. The top 20 offense didnt get him a better record.

He doesnt understand the were talking about him making stuff up is he presumption. Lol poor gurl

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Lol. Jonhson and his family want to talk to gundy about game planning.
Jug thats like people off the street telling you your holding the tail wrong or shoveling chit wrong.


you may needed your mom to talk the fair organizers. Real football plays go up to their position coach about what he need to be better.

He decided not to catch balls in the west Virginia game. That should have been his starting point

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I don’t need to look it up, it’s right there in front of you idiot

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They still lost 5-6 to end the year, where was the magical offensive mind there ? You spew so much garbage out you can’t keep up with the lies

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