Spencer Sanders Explains Decision to Commit to Ole Miss, Leave OSU

I’ve been waiting on Dunn for three years now to get a top 50 offense.

Ole Miss is playing against LSU, Alabama, and Mississippi State in the stretch you’re talking about (all top 25 teams) and they never scored below 20 points in any of those games either. That’s more respectable than getting your @s$ handed to you by 20+ against a Kansas team whose last win on the season was ironically against OSU. Gundy lost to three teams during his stretch that all finished the season with losing records. Stop spewing garbage to make things look better than they actually are.

What does it matter, they still lost. If you we’re talking about OSU you would be having your conniption fits that we were trash, fire every coach he’ll fire the whole staff. You’re the biggest whiner and crybaby on this forum. You must have had the bullies at high school beat the chit out of you after school everyday. You hate everything joy, you are a loser that doesn’t back a bet up

From someone who isn’t man enough to make a bet to begin with. You’re not half the man Joe was. You’re just a mini me for Robert.

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I think our stretch was harder. Ksu tcu texas.

I love how joe goes picks a new ciach to be his hero for the year

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You only bet on chinches jug, with you taking the field and who we would bet. You’re more gutless than Joy trying to induce a bet that way. You sit up in Kansas and mouth , just mouth, throw and occasional biscuit out there that no one sees. Joy is just like his dad , bets and loses then sneaks back in as under some chump. Both of you are gutless :cowboy_hat_face:

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You ( jug) and your son aren’t half a man that when you lose, you back it up. Guess joy learned from the best hujh jug

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It matters because they played better teams. It’s not that difficult to understand. If you can’t understand that then you need some help.

Go tell me how many top 25 teams OSU faced compared to Ole Miss in that stretch. It’s not that hard to find it.

Who did they play when we were playing TCU, Texas. Along that times. We’re they still in there Div Ii games

You are an idiot. Its not fair picking on you. The 3 i chose.
If you use the final poll your 3 equaled my 3 but we did face the 2nd best team, aant the big 12 champ.

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Alabama was special this year ? Hell texas should have beat them

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Ole Miss went 8-5 and didn’t have a single loss to a losing team. OSU went 7-6 and had three losses to losing teams. I would think you two could figure this out between yourselves but I guess somebody has to do it for you.

You’re picking on me? You can’t even figure out that Ole Miss had no losses to losing teams while OSU had three of them.

Your still an idiot. We were talking about who had the tuffest 3 game stretch. You know you lost it. So, you deflect with a new idea.
Yes gundy had a bad year. Are we going to match up lanes years to gundy. Go do it. Lane has what 2 10 win season as a power 5 coach. Last year lane tie his best p5 win total. Gundy surpassed him by 2 games tieing gundys most wins.

You do see where this is going

Ah yes the idiot factor, i forget your blessed with it.

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I don’t know what other people think of me. I can be assured thought you’re a bigger idiot. I didn’t have Kyle Boone reply to me how stupid I am in the nicest way possible.

Lol. You really do hate the fact your wrong all the time.

I we all know you didnt know either. You would never past up a chance to say im wrong. You try all the time

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I didn’t have multiple people on the same thread Boone commented on telling me how stupid I was. Keep going though. Just want to see how much further your stupidity can go. I’ll give you credit that it seems to have no boundary.

Lmao you just repeat the same thing i say then act like its sn original thought. You skip over the fact, that you didnt know. Have you ever read anything boone has done on cbs. You havent made any point. But yes keep doing your rainman deflecting act

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Speak for yourself.