Spencer Sanders Finally Has Consistency in Spring

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Gundy calls this spring Sanders’ best.

Different coaches can be hard, just not buy it for all his problems.

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I think we actually agree on this one, @robert28! I’m going to say I’m already tired of the “He didn’t have spring ball last year excuse.” And the “multiple coaches” excuse. The lightbulb needs to come on this season like never before if we want to compete for a conference title (minus the inevitable annual Bedlam loss).


Joey (or whatever you’re calling me today.)

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Ur rite there. I dnt think 3 coaches telling him to check for the open receiver is confusing.:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::thinking::hot_face::exploding_head::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Call some plays across the middle, SLANTS, SLANTS, SLANTS!!!


I hope Sanders can or It’ll be pic,pic,pic.

You forgot to throw a fumble in there.

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4 years? He’s behind the 8 ball

Here’s the only reason I’m buying this, and a compliment I’ll give Gundy. He’s typically pretty accurate (or Akurut as he likes to say) about his assessments of the teams. He actually typically undersells them. Even last year when the hype was overflowing, he kept talking with caution and saying that Sanders had a long way to go. This is the first time we’ve ever really seen him compliment Sanders’ progression and performance on a wider scale, he’s been pretty wishy washy on him up until now. That’s one of the few things I give Gundy credit for, maybe there really is something he and the coaching staff are seeing out of Sanders that they hadn’t before now.

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Not giving Sanders a pass because he’s had way, way more time than needed to get comfortable and has yet to do it, but he’s technically not in the position of a normal 4th year guy. 2nd or 3rd year is closer with how weird the last few years have been. Didn’t have a spring as a freshman, didn’t have a spring last year, only had half a spring two years ago with his hand injury, and has missed over a third of the games his team has played since his first start in 2019. I think he’s played in 14 of the 23 games they’ve played the past 2 years right? 7 in 2019 and 7 in 2020 (not counting the A&M game), and then played less than 5 minutes in the Tulsa game, so really 13 games. basically the equivalent of one full season.

Regardless of Sanders progress, I hope that we get to see some meaningful playing time for Illingworth during the non-conference games. He needs the experience in case Sanders gets injured again which is likely because he enjoys running.


We do usually get seconds it. But yes 3 or 4 qts. And help atleast 2 in big 12. Thats if Sanders is ready and not hurt.

“He’s progressing, seeing things that we want them to see at that position like Taylor [Cornelius] did and Mason [Rudolph] did. He’s starting to see those things.”

Yeah… I think I’ll wait until an actual game to see if he is or isn’t. If I still see a couple of interceptions before halftime in the first 2 or 3 games of the season I’m going to say he’s not to that point yet.

Agree with you. He’s had 3 full seasons on campus. After at least two seasons the freshman type mistakes should rarely even be happening any longer. One spring practice isn’t going to make a player do a complete 180. Sorry but it just doesn’t.

I agree with you, but it could help clean up those nagging issues. Again, with as much time as he had to do it, it might never happen. But he isn’t useless, he’s shown that he can dominate games and has done so at times, he just has this uncanny ability to make the most boneheaded mistakes imaginable at the absolute worst moments in games. It’s like 4-5 plays a game kills an otherwise solid performance. Maybe, or maybe not, a full spring might be enough to at least lower that to 1 or 2. Only one game but he looked really sharp in his last game until Gundy threw a bunch of chains on him the whole 2nd half.

His blind toss up picks are putrid, but I would like to point out that the handoff issues with Hubbard last year were not his fault. The one vs Texas Hubbard misread the end and wouldn’t let go of the ball, and the one vs Tulsa Hubbard flat out just refused to put his arms anywhere near the ball and completely ignored the play. It’s no coincidence that it kept happening with Hubbard (and even happened with him and Shane once) and never happened with any other back. I see a lot of people group that in with his picks and strips in the pocket but I don’t think those fall on him. Hubbard was always the common denominator in those, no matter the QB.

Don’t expect to see it in Boise unless Sanders stinks it up or gets hurt, and might not see it with Tulsa if the canes are anywhere near as good as they were this year. We don’t have the toughest non-con but it definitely won’t be a cake walk like the boys down south.

Yes no more bone head plays​:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:
Everbody has to be on the same page.
If a runner is not extending his arms then he thinks he is not getting the ball, and the qb should pull back even if he thinks its a run play. But there were pass plays where reciever turn the opposite way. Not sure if bad pass or not on same page. Spring is a good place to fix stuff like that.

I’m just saying I’d rather him throw for 225-250 per game with one turnover or less than throw for 400 yards or more and give the other team the ball four times.

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I mean… is it really though? Western Carolina was pretty good last season. Tulane was a bowl team and Nebraska (while not very good) is still a P5 opponent.

I hate Sooner football just as much as the next Cowboy fan does, but is our schedule really that much harder?

R u feel ok.:rofl::rofl::rofl::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::innocent::innocent::innocent:
If that is ou schedule. Its not that exciting. Miss. State is a common team over last 2 years. I don’t think r opponents are going to give much of a show. Boise is having qb woes. Tulsa lost an all world play maker on d.